About me

Movies, pictures and descriptions – with this website I would like to share my experience with fly fishing all around the world with my family, my friends and all other fly fisherman and inquisitive people. That is my goal – furthermore, I can experience and enjoy it for myself.


One of my fondest childhood memories: my father takes me as an eight year old child, with him fishing in the ice-cold, clear mountain streams, as there are many in our area. His enthusiasm is contagious; there is nothing more beautiful than this common time in nature and learning fishing.

What you learn as a child, is in the soul, and so it is no surprise that I have for all these years been interested in fishing, sometimes more, sometimes less. It never left me. I like the peace and quiet and nature, the water is my element. Seas, lakes or rivers – they all have an irresistible attraction for me.


For a long time I was fishing for predator fish and various other fish. For more than 15 years I had great success and experiences with Boilie fish and specialising in Carp, mostly with my friend Thomas Angerer and often with the Vienna scene around our friend Kurt Grabmayer who unfortunately died at an early age. Many years it moved us to Catfish fishing in Italy on the river Po. Also I enjoy the fishing in the mountain streams in our Alpine country.


At some point – far too late, as it now seems – fly fishing has “caught” me. As a passionate, ambitious man, I have in a short time, practiced and learned as much as possible. I am a fly fisherman with body and soul; where I can catch fish with the fly, I do it.

Today, I do not understand why this wasn't done earlier – but sometimes it must be the right time.

In the sea to the very fast predators, such as GT or Wahoo, I love to fish with large popper and Stick baits, simply because it is more effective. The all-rounder in me comes through.


My family accepts this great passion, and I am very glad about this. I am happily married and I have an grown-up son and a 15-year-old daughter. With my wife Monika, I run four successful businesses. I really appreciate being in the fortunate position to be able to travel to the most fascinating fishing spots in the world.