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Movies, pictures and descriptions – with this website I would like to share my experience with fly fishing all around the world with my family, my friends and all other fly fisherman and inquisitive people. That is my goal – furthermore, I can experience and enjoy it for myself.


One of my fondest childhood memories: my father takes me as an eight year old child, with him fishing in the ice-cold, clear mountain streams, as there are many in our area. His enthusiasm is contagious; there is nothing more beautiful than this common time in nature and learning fishing.

What you learn as a child, is in the soul, and so it is no surprise that I have for all these years been interested in fishing, sometimes more, sometimes less. It never left me. I like the peace and quiet and nature, the water is my element. Seas, lakes or rivers – they all have an irresistible attraction for me.


For a long time I was fishing for predator fish and various other fish. For more than 15 years I had great success and experiences with Boilie fish and specialising in Carp, mostly with my friend Thomas Angerer and often with the Vienna scene around our friend Kurt Grabmayer who unfortunately died at an early age. Many years it moved us to Catfish fishing in Italy on the river Po. Also I enjoy the fishing in the mountain streams in our Alpine country.


At some point – far too late, as it now seems – fly fishing has “caught” me. As a passionate, ambitious man, I have in a short time, practiced and learned as much as possible. I am a fly fisherman with body and soul; where I can catch fish with the fly, I do it.

Today, I do not understand why this wasn't done earlier – but sometimes it must be the right time.

In the sea to the very fast predators, such as GT or Wahoo, I love to fish with large popper and Stick baits, simply because it is more effective. The all-rounder in me comes through.


My family accepts this great passion, and I am very glad about this. I am happily married and I have an adult son and a twelve-year-old daughter. With my wife Monika, I have two successful companies.

I really appreciate that I am in the fortunate position to be able to travel to the most fascinating fishing spots in the world.

Seite 2 - Reisen


Alaska: Bristol Bay, July 2018 Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2018

As far as Cosmoledo is concerned, I have definitely fallen for it! It is really awsome to spend time there with like-minded people.

Cosmoledo - Seychelles, February 2018

I am really hooked on Cosmoledo! In March of this year the fishing was extraordinary – and as soon as I was back I started on making plans to go back. When Jordyn of the Alphonse Company offered me a open place, I simply could not resist.

Cosmoledo -Seychellen, November 2017 Kharlovka, Litza - Russia, June 2017 Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2017 Alphonse & Cosmoledo, March 2017

Three Austrian fishermen – Wilhelm Forstinger, Günter Wimmer
an myself – go on a flyfishing trip to the Rio Grande. Each one of us knows this river from previous trips. Here’s the story!


In November 2016 I went back to one of the best salt water spots for flyfishing, this time together with Willi Forstinger and Helmut Schlagmann.


Mongolia has been one of my favorite destinations for several years. The Taimen, a relative of our trouts, is my target. For some time I have been pondering whether I should go for the Taimen in Siberia or in Mongolia. In the end, I chose Mongolia.


In July 2013 I was at the Yokanga together with AOS
Alex and Stefan Haider. Since that time I have been wanting to go back there. This is the story of my visit in June 2016.


Marco Wacker, Heinz Maier, Joe Samluk, Bernhard Konrad and me booked a trip on the boat La Reina for our exclusive use fe week..

Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2016

The Rio Grande still holds a very special magic for my. Despite the long and troublesome journey and a flighttime of more than 17 hours, I have to go back there time and again. Here is the full story.


Astove and Cosmoledo have become the best destinations for saltwater flyfishing. I was there a few times already and I can confirm this myself. Both destinations are extraordinary.

Cosmoledo & Astove, Nov 2015

The Damdochax is one of the most pristine Steelhead rivers and it can only be reached by helicopter. Fishing there is only allowed if you are booked into the Damdochax Lodge. I was very much impressed by the landscape, especially by its wild character – which you don’t find easily otherwise on the rivers of British Columbia.

Canada: Damdochax, September 2015

A family vacation in Cuba – and there is still enough time for flyfishing. A fantastic time with my wife and my daughter and a family of relatives. And a lot of time for wonderfuly flyfish adventures.

Cuba, August 2015

Alaska is one of the fixtures in my yearly calendar. I am very much looking forward to it and hope that the weather will be nice. More on this tripif you click here.

Alaska, June/July 2015

I already know Cuba but I know that there is more to it. on this special trip in May, I go with friends and my son. We booked Avalon Fleet I and fish there in the natural reserve in Jardines del la Reina for tarpon, permit and bones. Here is the story.

Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2015

Astove to the fullest! In February 2015 I return to the flyfishing spot of my dreams. GTs – they are simply the fish I love most. And there is no place on Earth where I would love to fish them more than here. This time I stay at the newly built lodge. More about this adventure to be read here!

Astove, Seychelles; February 2015

Cosmoledo was an absolute dream in February 2014! I simply cannot forget it. There is no way for me to wait another year before I can go back. When I hear that the last Life Aboard expedition with the Maya Dugong is about to take place, nothing can hold me back.

Cosmoledo & Astove, Seychelles, November 2014

Atlantic Salmons – it ist very likely that there is no better place on Earth than the Kola peninsula for this kind of fish. This year I have decided to visit the rivers Kharlovka, Litza andRynda. At least, this was my original plan. Here you can read what happened.

Canada/BC, September 2014

Family holiday – This time five of us! After a long search we found the perfect island for the well-being for all passengers: my wife, my daughter, my son, his girlfriend and also for myself. Here is the story and the incredible pictures!


Enthusiasm for the Atlantic salmon fishing in Iceland – of it I heard again and again. Many tell about the beauty of the landscape and the rivers. Just back from the Kharlovka a I’m looking for an opportunity for more salmon fishing days. On the Web, I find a top chance at Midfjardara

Iceland: Midfjardara, Juli 2014

Atlantic Salmons – it ist very likely that there is no better place on Earth than the Kola peninsula for this kind of fish. This year I have decided to visit the rivers Kharlovka, Litza andRynda. At least, this was my original plan. Here you can read what happened.


My family loves the sun in the south when it comes to relaxing holidays, preferably on a nice, little island. That’s where we all feel really comfortable. We enjoy our time together, each one of us can relax in a nice atmosphere. The best thing for me is that the two ladies in my life accept my great passion for fishing and even sometimes come with me on the boat.


A dream comes true! Finally, after five long years, the Cosmoledo Atoll, which is part of the Seychelles, has been reopenend and fishermen can go back there to fish for Giant Trevallies. Danger from pirates caused the government to shut down the atoll and no trips were allowed. Together with my friend Helmut Alleze from Munich we are the very first group that goes back. Read my travel report!


This is the third year that I am going to Rio Grande – it is a fix starter on my travel list. However, this year is special, since my flyfishing friend, Helmut Alleze from Munich is my companion on the trip. Read about our adventures during our stay in Argentina.


It’s really crazy to go on this trip – travelling for many hours offroad, just to get to a lake, where rainbow fishing is incredible. You got to be a little crazy if you do that. I admit I am – but at least I am not alone. My friend Helmut Alleze from Munich ist with me on this trip. Here is the travel report.


A great adventure begins, when I leave at the end of October 2013 from Tirol, to go fishing at a really different end of the world – in my dream country from childhood. Despite the gruelling journey, there are unforgettable days to come. Click here to go to my travel report!


A long trip like this has to pay off! That’s why I have booked eight more fishing days; this time with a group of like-minded fishermen. And I must say: It was really awesom. We were all lucky catching and even had a lot of fun together.


In recent years I’ve experienced many beautiful, and some of the best spots in the world. One fish that is still missing for me, is especially active in the autumn and in Canada. From the travel expense it is still reasonable and thus at relatively short notice I decided to fly to Terrace, BC, and finally fish for Steelheads.


August is family time. When we have annual holiday from the business, my wife and I travel together with our daughter, Anna. Both of them love the sea – and have understanding for my passion. All of us enjoyed the Maldives – so it promised, a great holiday for the whole family.


What must be must be! A few weeks after my visit to Rynda and Zolotaya, I was once again on the way to Russia. The goal again, was the Kola Peninsula, but this time, the promising Yokanga River. Here I will tell about this exciting week.


600 Kilometres above the Arctic Circle, fishing for Atlantic salmon around the clock, because at this time of the year it is never really dark – these conditions greatly appeal to me. And my great anticipation was justified. An unforgettable journey!


In Cuba, I can trace the Silver – I firmly intend to catch a prize Tarpon. So I decided quickly to go on a trip for a week to try my luck. You can read more about my Cuban adventure here.


For our family vacation we find a beautiful place by the sea. It has become Desroches Island this year. For me a perfect place for a combination of family vacation with wonderful fishing experiences. For the first time with the fly in salt water!


In winter, many are attracted to the sun in the south. For flyfishing, however, the right time is more critical than the weather. In February 2013, I go in “search of gold” to the north of Argentina.


Who as fisherman once gets to know Rio Grande and discovers the incredibly large Sea Run Browns will definitely come back. And I all the more, because the winter in the Alps for me is simply too long! A double rewarding destination for me!


This time the big Rainbows at Lake Jurassic attracted me to Argentina. Jurassic Lake – is a unique fishing experience! The fish only exist once and that is here. It has paid off!


For the second time this summer I’m off to Alaska. This time I am happy my friend, Markus Leitner, is with me. We enjoy the trip and have great experiences.


On this trip, with my son Andreas, we had sights set on King salmon. Two weeks time allowed us an interesting, mixed program.


The Rio Grande in South Argentina in the Tierra del Fuego is the top destination for Sea Run Browns – and thus the dream of every fly fisherman. There is no second river on our planet that can compete with the Rio Grande.


Ein wenig Pause tut vielleicht gut, aber den ganzen langen Winter in den Alpen ohne die Möglichkeit, meine Leidenschaft auszuleben – das kommt für mich nicht in Frage.
Die Lösung: eine Reise nach Patagonien, Chile.


Seite 148 - Alaska: Bristol Bay, July 2018

King salmon fishing and fantastic landscapes – that‘s what we (seven friends and I) were looking forward to when we left for Alaska. Our journey led us to the Pumice Creek Lodge on the Alaska Peninsula, 376 air miles southwest of Anchorage.
Travel dates: 30th June to 8th July 2018


All images from this trip

Seite 147 - Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2018

Top saltwater fishing, great friends, good food and two weeks in the Caribbean! The Tarpon fishing on Jardines de la Reina is top notch. In addition, the chances of catching a permit
are great. From 26.04. until 13.05.2018 I chartered the La Reina, the Halcon and the Perola. We fished on Boca Grande and Cabeza del Este.


All images from this trip

Seite 146 - Cosmoledo - Seychelles, February 2018

As far as Cosmoledo is concerned, I have definitely fallen for it! It is really awsome to spend time there with like-minded people.

The week in February 2018 was exceptionally beautiful. Together with my friends Helmut Alleze, Georg Marberger, Helmut Alexander, Peter Jones, Alan Rosen, Günther Wimmer and Ueli Zellweger we spent an unforgettable time on the catamaran Lone Star.

The fishing was the best you can get, starting with the perfect conditions with 100% sunshine and no clouds or wind. Of course it was hot, but we could spot every single fish on the flats from a distance – always including GTs.

During this week, our group of eight fishermen caught 123 GTs, many big bones, a few triggers and many other reef fish. – All under the guidance of the very professional guides Dave Marshall, Cameron Musgrave, Alex, Olli and Devan v.d. Merwe from the Alphonse Fishing Company.

Take a look at the photobook and find out about this trip:


All images from this trip

Seite 142 - Cosmoledo -Seychellen, November 2017


All images from this trip

Seite 143 - Kharlovka, Litza - Russia, June 2017

All images from this trip

Seite 133 - Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2017

More and more Cuba turns out to be my personal hotspot for saltwater fishing. Especially at the end of April to mid-May, when you find big migration tarpons at the Jardines de la Reina. They often come in large schools to spawn near the mangroves.

This is the primetime, and chances to catch a really big tarpon are really good. Every day you can observe many of them and you can also hook several times. This unique opportunity combined with our passion for fishing – that’s what brings us here time and again.

Once again I was able to share the Halcon with good friends for a period of two full weeks – unforgettable. In short: first class fishing, the best guides, with excellent food in this tropical nature reserve – what more could you ask for!


All images from this trip


1st week: Jardines de la Reina - Boca Grande

The team: Andreas Albrecht, Christoph Hottgenroth, Fritz Grasberger, Marco Wacker, Heinz Mayer, Helmut Zaderer

2nd week: Jardines de la Reina - Cayo Cabeza del Este

The team: Eugen Helzl, Gerhard Hörl, Georg Lederle, Walter Natter, Kurt Piccolruaz, Helmut Zaderer

Seite 138 - Alphonse & Cosmoledo, March 2017


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All images from this trip




Three Austrian fishermen – Wilhelm Forstinger, Günter Wimmer and myself – go on a flyfishing trip to the Rio Grande. Each one of us knows this river from previous trips. Completing our team: Willi's old friends from the USA, erry and Chat, Michael from England and Kevin, USA.

This time our flyfishing experience was extraordinary. I have never seen the Rio Grande carrying as little water. Instead of the two hand rods we were using the short switch rod or the one hand 8 rod.


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All images from this trip


In November 2016 I going back to one of the best saltwater spots for flyfishing, this time together with Willi Forstinger and Helmut Schlagmann.

In 2015 the fishing on Astove was not as good as expected: the GTs were missing out on the flats. Unfortunately, this year it is not any better. Nobody can really say why. The reason might be a massive migration of red crabs, which lures the fish away from the flats into the deeper water. There they are easy prey. From the boat, we were able to see the red crabs were everywhere.


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All images from this trip

Seite 124 - MONGOLIA, SEPTEMBER 2016

Mongolia has been one of my favorite destinations for several years. The Taimen, a relative of our trouts, is my target. For some time I have been pondering whether I should go for the Taimen in Siberia or in Mongolia. In the end, I chose Mongolia.

The journey is very tiring. The flight from Munich to Beijing, then from Beijing to Ulaan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. An overnight stay there and another private charter flight the next morning almost to the final destination. In the end, another 2.5 hours with an off-road vehicle on a dirt road.


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All images from this trip

Seite 120 - NUNAVUT, CANADA, JULY 2016

Canada's northernmost territory Nunavut (in the language of the Inuit “our country”) is incredibly beautiful and infinitely vast. Its area of 2 million square kilometres stretches from the Hudson Bay to the North Pole and from Ellesmere Island off the north coast of Greenland to the Amundsen Gulf. The biggest part of the country is untouched wilderness. Almost all year there ist permafrost and the Arctic islands are surrounded by pack ice.

In the summer of 2016 a group of 12 fly-fishers from Austria and Germany undertake a trip to Nunavut under the direction of Reinhard Bukovski. I fish together with Roman, Bernhard and Michael.


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All images from this trip

Seite 118 - YOKANGA, RUSSIA, JUNE 2016

In July 2013 I was at the Yokanga together with AOS Alex and Stefan Haider. Since then I have always wanted to repeat this experience. For sure the Yokanga is one of the best salmon rivers all over the world – if it's not even number 1.

It is situated in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fascinating nature. Over a length of 30 kilometres it is separated into various sections.

Every day two anglers and a guide are flown to another section by helicopter in order to fish several kilometers of river alone.

All guides have been at the Yokanga for many years and they know the river as their hand. This year I have booked the two best weeks from mid June until the end of the month. With great success: I was able to catch some fish with over 20 pounds and also made my “personal best” with 31 pounds!


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Seite 117 - Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2016

Marco Wacker, Heinz Maier, Joe Samluk, Bernhard Konrad and I have booked the boat La Reina for exclusive use for one week.

Fishing in Jardines de la Reina is divided (A-B-C) into three zones. We fish zone B. We have a great week: The five of us end up with 33 tarpons!

Anyone who knows tarpon fishing, also knows that you have to hook quite a few tarpons before landing one. The weather is usually beautiful, and we constantly have fish contact. Everyone is happy!

Unfortunately, on the last day we get caught by a storm, forcing us to cancel the fishing prematurely.


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Rio Grande has put a spell on me. Despite all the difficulties and in spite of 17 hours of flight time, I feel the need to go back there. When asked which flyfish trip I like best, then Rio Grande is often the answer.

This year I spend two weeks at the Villa Maria Lodge. There you can fish the lower pools, which are actually the best. The fishing is just the best. I have never caught so many fish on Rio Grande as this year. I'll never forget my best day with 16 searuns.


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Seite 114 - Cosmoledo & Astove, Nov 2015

Astove and Cosmoledo have rapidly developed to be the best destinations for saltwater fly fishing by the fly fishing people. I have been there several times myself and can only confirm this. These destinations are fantastic. The flats in the atolls are stunning. You think of Robinson Crusoe when you are wandering alone and see nobody.

Surrounded by white sand, small islands and rock formations, turtles and birds. After all, Astove and Cosmoledo are located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and nearly three hours by air from Mahe, the main island of the Seychelles. You need a private charter aircraft to reach these atolls that lie in a conservation area. Both are well known as the best destinations for GT (Giant Trevally).


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Seite 113 - Canada: Damdochax, September 2015

The Lodges at the Damdochax river are managed by Alice and her daughter Hannah. There are four simple lodges, all of which are within walking distance. The top one lies at the Damdochax Lake; usually no fishermen stay there. The next lodge, Cottonwood Creek, is located only a few kilometres below. There is space for four anglers. About an hour walk downriver is Moss Creek Lodge, which can accommodate two anglers.

There you can fish the middle section of the river. The fourth and final lodge, Alder Lodge, is still below the inlet of Damdochax into Nass river. From there you can see the lower pools of Damdochax and fish the upper Nass by help of a jet boat.

We sleep in tents with wooden floor, quite modest but adequate. In the tents there is a wood stove, there is dry wood in abundance. Our cook and guide Tobi prepared really good food for us. I spent the whole week with Alice and Guide Tobi and was able to fish most of Damdochax and also the most beautiful pools on the upper Nass. A athletic challenge with a lot of walking and floating.


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Seite 112 - Cuba, August 2015

August is family time! This year my wife, my daughter and I travel to Cuba for our summer beach holiday together with another family. We have a lot of fun and do all sorts of exciting things. A little fishing is also included: And even the children try it seriously.

But then I manage something special: Two Grand Slams! This is the icing on the cake of this wonderful holiday.

This way to the story!

Seite 111 - Alaska, June/July 2015

This river still holds a good amount of King salmon. The lodge is situated right at the upper edge of tidewater – seven miles from Goodnews bay where the river flows into the Bering sea.

The Kings I caught were often really chrome and sea liced. Theses fish are fresh and feisty, and they challenge your angling skills. Fishing for Kings was really good.

Every day I had some hook-ups and landed some good Kings. I had a 40 and a 45 pound as my biggest fish and – believe me! – they are really hard fighters. There is also good fishing for leopard trouts and graylings in the upper part of the river. Goodnews – I will come back!


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Seite 103 - Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, May 2015

This way to the story.

Seite 102 - Cuba: Jardines de la Reina, Mai 2015

Seite 99 - Astove, Seychelles; February 2015

For days I have been packing for the trip to Seychelles/Astove. Actually, I know Astove and know exactly what I need there, but I always think twice and I don’t want to forget anything. Actually I always take far too much. But it still better, then to miss something at the location.

For the GT fishing I have tied my black/purple and tan/white Hollow flies. For this, I have used my extra large Iceland Fox hair. Andrew Warshawer ties the awesome Hollow Bucktail streamer. I let him tie me some colours. They are also, of course, with me. I take my filled C & F boxes for bones and permit, etc.

So, top prepared and everything packed we go to Munich to the airport on February 14th. From there, with Etihad to Abu Dhabi and then on to Mahé/Seychelles. In Mahé I arrive at 2p.m. and afterwards I go by taxi to the Crown Beach hotel that Aardvark McLeod has booked for me. I meet my colleagues Sam from the United States and Ronnie and Butler, two Englishmen. We have a nice evening together. Then we go to bed quite early but I could hardly sleep.

The overnight stay in Mahe is really bothering me and stretches the whole foreplay into length. Unfortunately, the Charter plane from IDC always flies very early in the morning from Mahé to Assumtion and Astove and there is no flight connection that allows a journey on the same day. The Charter flight leaves on time. A stopover is planned at Alphonse. The flight is quite turbulent. Then a storm comes up as we get close Alphonse and we can’t land. The captain tells us that we fly back to Mahé and possibly fly again in the evening or the next morning, as soon as the weather has moved on again. This is, of course, the last thing we want to hear and all are disappointed. So it comes that we spent one more night in the newly built Eden Paradise and it’s not until the 17.2 that we then fly over Alphonse to Astove. We arrive late morning on the island.

Around 12:20p.m. we go fishing. Actually too late as the tide is already quite strong and in the surf it is difficult because the waves are too high and already too much water is lashing on the shore. I am also tired out. Initially, I hook a bluefin and then a small GT, but lose both fish. Then I am almost sick from heat and effort. Therefore I decide to finish the day early.

A lodge for 12 guests has been built at Astove. It is just finished and we are the second guests there. In the future, six fly fishermen can fish there for 10 weeks in spring and 10 weeks in fall and the remaining time will be filled with divers. At present, the small villas have been completed. Very simply furnished but there is everything that you need. Even a small swimming pool and a restaurant will be built. At the moment everything is quite simple. Anyway, the food is excellent. It is much more pleasant after a strenuous day of fishing to have your feet back on solid ground in the evening. One recovers much better.

The Guides

There are the best Seychelles guides locally. The best known and most experienced are probably Cameron, Serge, Christiaan, Wayne. I know them all well now and I like them all. Each one has their special way.

The Team

We are also a super team of fishermen. I meet again Jörn, this time with his wife Ulla, Ronny and Sam and Sarah.

The Fishing

There are just five full days left after we have lost one day as we were all tired on the day of arrival. We all know though that we had a spring tide and I know that from my first fishing experience on Astove. It usually goes off in the surf

This time the lagoon is filled with bones. I concentrate on the gangster of the flats. I love to fish for GTs. And it is also super to catch a bone to the others. I prefer to concentrate on GTs and keep an eye out for rays and dark shadows. What strikes me this time especially was how many big bonefish are to be seen in front of the surf. Some schools of 100 fish with sizes up to over 10 pounds. In the meantime, I catch the odd bone. The fighting strength of large bones is really extreme.

Seychelles Grand Slam: Together with Serge, I do a Seychelles slam on the third day. Bonefish, triggerfish and GT in a day.

Every day is madness. I never hook less than 7-8 GTs and count 27 GTs in five days.

It is a great day in the surf with Serge where we see the GTs from afar and I can cast just about everyone perfectly at the right time. With Cameron and Christiaan in the surf where the GTs and the rays come into very shallow water.

Then the day with Wayne in the surf at the wreck. Wayne shows me a spot after lunch and tells me I should drop a few “blind casts” in the deeper water. I go to the spot, there’s an edge. I see coral blocks and bommies everywhere and think landing a GT will be a different matter. Then I see a huge GT coming with the wave. I only see the tail fin and back through the white foaming water and know immediately this is a capital fish. I call Wayne, start to cast in the direction and see the GT coming straight away. The fish misses my fly, but doesn’t see me. Another few casts and he comes up with speed and attacks my fly with brute force. Wayne sees the fish immediately and screams at me to take the fish as hard as I can. What I do, of course. I see the coral blocks and think to myself that I have really little chance. I give the fish little line, hold the fly line so tightly that I is just short of breaking. I turn the fish two times in the waves completely and the fish gets only briefly into the backing and never manages to go really deep. I've given it to him to the full. At the first single swivel in the shallow water, Wayne has the fish on the tail fin. The fish is landed in 3-4 minutes and has 120 cm. Wayne and I are totally happy, and we take a look at the spot a few more times and still cannot believe it.

We all have a super week and enjoy the beautiful weather and the amazing fishing.

Everyone catches their dream fish. Jörn catches a capital GT with 117 cm on the last day before leaving; I can hear his screams of joy on the other side of the lagoon.

The Snorkelling

The underwater world around Astove is unique. Of course, I don't want to miss that. Twice I invest an hour to explore the underwater world and to make a couple of shots with my underwater camera.

All images from this trip

Seite 98 - Astove, Seychelles; February 2015

Seite 93 - Cosmoledo & Astove, Seychelles, November 2014

In February 2014, I was at Cosmoledo/Astove for the first time – the trip together with Helmut Alleze was unforgettable. We were lucky with the weather, apart from a few short thunderstorms it was always nice. And the most important: the fishing was just terrific!

Helmut and I had discussed that we would repeat the trip together in 2015. But I was captured by the great experiences and encounters with the first GTs. Fishing in the surf at Astove has simply pulled me under the spell: within seconds you are in the middle of a school of many, very large GTs. When the first large GT is on the hook and it goes off, the adrenaline level explodes.

Moments that are unforgettable! Every salt water fly fisherman gets hooked on this feeling . As a result, I simply must fly again to the Seychelles next autumn.

It was crucial for my decision that the Life Aboard-Expedition on the Maya Dugong should only occur one more time. The last opportunity, to fish three different atolls – Assumption, Cosmoledo, Astove – in one week! Everyone with whom I have spoken, deeply regret that this is the last time.

Currently, a runway and a small lodge are being built on Astove. There is fishing space for six. The same will take place a year later at Cosmoledo.

My trip goes ahead again without problems.

Etihad takes me in time to Mahé, where I spend a night at Crown Beach hotel. The next morning I meet my colleagues for this week at ITC Hangar.

With a stopover in Alphonse we continue to fly direct to Assumption. After arriving for lunch, we go on the boat, where I was taken to my single cabin and felt right at home.

The group is mixed and likeable: a nice American family with a fishing enthusiastic mother, who should land some GTs; a funny Londoner, with which there is always something to laugh about and a couple from Upper Austria.

Without further ado, the fishing kicks off. On the first day at Assumption I land three nice GTs.

Seems to me that fishing this time at Cosmoledo is better than in the spring. GTs can always be found on the flats, and so I have a few exceptional days with many good fish: at Cosmoledo alone I catch over 40 GTs and also some other interesting reef creatures.

However , Astove is not as good this time. I wanted to repeat my surfing experiences from spring – but it was different.

The tide is not so strong, the large GTs are hardly in the channel and not so close to the shore. At that, I catch many small GTs and countless bluefins but no really big GTs. The many bonefish in the lagoon are a nice change of pace, and I also get some others on the hook.

From the boat I have a few beautiful experiences, for example this: I have a small red snapper in the drill on my 16, he is already tired, and I believe that I only have to pump him up. Suddenly I feel an extremely hard jerk, and within a few seconds the fish pulls under the boat.

My 16 breaks off in the middle!

I drill the fish further with a broken rod and then with the line in the hand. What a surprise: two fish hanging on the fly! The mystery is solved: the reason for the strong jerk is an enormous grouper.

All images from this trip

Seite 92 - Cosmoledo & Astove, Seychellen, November 2014

Seite 77 - Canada/BC, September 2014

I experienced great moments on the Upper Copper in September 2013, I would really like to repeat that.

The Upper Copper is a small river of optimal size. I like wide rivers, because you can find the top places with some sense, and usually the bite comes, where you expect it. Most of the runs are that wide that with a good cast you can reach the side. The water is often not much deeper than one metre. One finds with a floating or intermediate shooting head and a longer leader is usually sufficient. A shooting head with a light sink tip is enough in any case.

I booked again Stan Doll,
Ich habe wieder bei Stan Doll, Skeena Wilderness Fishing Charters, because I was very happy last year and because Stan is a really nice guy. I also booked a room in his house again.

This year I'm a week earlier. I hope for better weather and I hope the Kalum and Skeena rivers are clear. Last year the two rivers were partly unfishable due to flood waters respectively murky waters. My plan includes eight days of fishing, five of which with the helicopter.


On the first fishing day, 12.09., off we go to the Kalum. The water is admittedly not clear but fishable. It rains the whole day so I hardly unpack my camera. So there are no photos from this day. I'm catch two silver salmon and an old, ugly King, but unfortunately no steelheads. The good pools and runs are full from old Kings, which I don’t like.


On the 13.09. I go with Stan’s son to the good, fishable, pretty clear Skeena.

I do not particularly like fishing in large rivers. Cory takes me to some good locations where it looks like there is a good chance of a bite. Also I catch then my first Skeena steelhead.

The difference between a Skeena steelhead and a steelhead from a side river is obvious: the fish in the Skeena are fresh, usually the first day in the river, often full of sea lice and fighting power.

The drill is impressive, even if it's just a 4.5 kilos fish.

It’s a shame that I get no more steelheads on the Skeena in the next few days to savour it.


On 14.09 we go with guides Cory and Mike with the helicopter to the Upper Copper. There are still two more helicopters, and we see two anglers with the inflatable boat. The weather is perfectly beautiful. Because of the other anglers not many places before me on the Upper Copper remain unfishable, but still I catch four steelheads, and lose two. I'm of course very happy.


On 15.09, we continue at the Upper Copper. This time alone with Matt, the helicopter pilot, who is also a passionate and very good steelheader.

Again a super day! I catch five steelheads and lose another three!


On 16.09 I am with Stan and Mike and two Italians on the lower Skeena. Unfortunately, I catch only a few cutthroads and dollies, no steelhead bite. Mauro catches a nice steelhead and loses one.


Since the Lower Copper became murky from the previous day rain, we assumed that the Upper Copper was also murky. Therefore we flew to the Upper Nass, where one can only get there with a helicopter. Mauro and Marco are there, Matt is our pilot and guide.

The Nass is a super river with ideal size, picture book runs can be found there. The first run, we fish for over an hour, and brings no fish. We fly then upstream and see that the river is increasingly murky. I catch a very small steelhead and that was it then for this day. The river is almost unfishable, the weather has played a trick on us.

The flight from Skeena to the Upper Nass is very expensive due to the long flight time (90 minutes each way). Next time, I would take a tent and stay overnight.


On 18.09 we continue with Matt and Kelly (youngest son from Stan) to the Upper Copper. Although the rain doesn't let up and the Lower is murky, it’s still reasonable to fish at the Upper Copper.

The water is lightly murky but very fishable. Another helicopter from Smithers is already on site. Better we fish few well-known places than fishing behind the other two heligroups. Said and done. We fish small runs and pockets. – Look at that! I catch six steelheads and lose another three in the drill.


On the last day, I would like once again to go to the Upper Copper. In the morning at the helicopter place we have to wait because of the fog. As it clears up, we try it, but then turn around while flying over the mouth of the Copper and Skeena: the Copper comes totally brown.

Back at the landing place Cory picks me up and takes me to the Skeena, where I spent the last day with Stan and two Americans. To conclude, I have although no steelhead but two silver salmon.


Seite 76 - Canada/BC, September 2014


Relaxing, diving, swimming and good conditions for fly fishing – an island for all our demands is not easy to find. Almost everywhere the fishing on the flats, or from the shore is not allowed.

So the search for our dream island is difficult. Finally is the August holiday our family holiday, and fishing is only one part of the routine of the day. This time my wife and my daughter Anna, also my son Andreas with his girlfriend Vera are there to. We wanted an island a little further from the airport island of Malé, and we found it in the south.

Ayada is a newly built resort in the pristine Gaafu Dhaalu atoll, located an hour's flight south of Malé. The resort is a new, very nice, and well run. The Beach Suites are a dream! We have two adjacent villas with each a small private pool

I booked a speed boat for the duration of our stay; Captain Mohamed and his assistant are always available for us. Mohamed knows the best places to go fishing, because he was born in the Maldives and for a long time has worked as a fishing guide. Andrew and I go mostly with him fishing, but we use the boat up to five times for island and snorkelling trips and to observe the dolphins in the open. A really worthwhile investment. Thus, we explore the entire atoll. Per hour we manage 40 miles easily and are always fast to the best locations.

Fly fishing on the flats is not so easy. There are no bonefish to be seen, and only twice I see single GTs there – however they were out of my casting range. On the flats we just catch smaller fish and bluefins.

My daughter Anna also had fun fishing in saltwater and caught some nice reef inhabitants.

On the other hand, fishing from a boat in the channel and on the outer reef is super. We catch everything, what the angler heart desires: yellowfin tuna, many GTs to 45 kilos, bluefins, snapper, grouper and a Napoleon.

Generally one can say that far away south of the main island that there are more fish as at the well-known tourist atolls in the vicinity from Male. Also with snorkelling you are guaranteed to see large fish and mostly intact coral.

Please leave a comment!

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Seite 78 - Malediven, Island Hideaway, August 2014

Seite 81 - Iceland: Midfjardara, Juli 2014

Enthusiasm for the Atlantic salmon fishing in Iceland – of it I heard again and again. Many tell about the beauty of the landscape and the rivers. If you want to catch a really big Atlantic salmon, Iceland is probably not the best destination. Most of the rivers have strong grilse ascents; in the peak season in July and August are the best Icelandic rivers full of fresh grilse. At the beginning of the season, the chance of a prize salmon is higher. A salmon with more than 20 pounds is already a prize fish and rather rare in Iceland.

Just back from the Kharlovka and still fully in the salmon fever, I'm looking for an opportunity for more salmon fishing days. On the Web, I find a last minute top route which was available after a cancellation with your own guide at Midfjardara, I just decided to book it.

I fly from Innsbruck via Dortmund to Reykjavík, where I was picked up at the airport and taken to Hotel Holt. The next morning, I meet my colleagues at breakfast, after we embark for our three hour long journey with the taxi bus to Midfjardara. The duration of stay for salmon fishing in Iceland is offered by the lodges usually with three and a half days of fishing. This is also at Midfjardara.

For more information please click here:

The lodge is quite new, modern and well furnished. Every guest has single rooms, everything is very clean and the food really first class. Rabbi, the lessee and lodge manager, does a top job. Everything works smoothly, guides and staff are great.

My Guide, Kristjan Evar Gunarson, is really very good and a nice guy who is always trying to catch fish. Thank you, Kristjan, for the terrific days!

In the peak season, the 5 beats will be fished with ten rods. Nupsa, Vestura, Austura, and Midfjardara – are the four available rivers. With 115 kilometres and more than 200 pools for 10 rods you will always find a good rested spot.

The rivers are small, crystal clear and usually best to fish with the single handed rod. Only a floating line is necessary, the salmon are fresh, silver and aggressive. The line class 7 with 9.6 feet, works best for me. A beautiful surface fishing with hitch tubes or small surface flies on a fine leader. Highly technical and challenging.

In three and a half days, I catch 14 salmon. Surprisingly there are hardly any grilse, instead only good salmon. Two of them, with well over 90 cm!

I really like Iceland and the fishing at Midfjardara. I plan to come back!

On the day of the return journey there is enough time in the afternoon, because I have an evening flight. So I spend more relaxed hours at the Blue Lagoon, a water park that is fed with volcanic thermal waters. A tourist magnet in Reykjavík.

Please leave a comment!

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Last year my stay at the Rynda was enjoyable because of the weather. Almost always, the sun was shining, the temperature rose to 30 degrees. I fished only wearing a T-Shirt and enjoyed it, with floating line on the surface or fishing close to it.

We were told at that time that was unusual weather at Kola. For salmon fishing are really bad conditions: the salmon like no sun and certainly not warm water. So I had some of my success last year after dinner, after the sun had shortly disappeared behind the hill.

I think back of the weather – I wish to have it again – when I am travelling in June 2014 for a week at the Kharlovka and Eastern Litza and for a second week to the Rynda River.

At home before I leave I look at the weather report: totally different conditions! The weeks of the spring's first catch reports show that 2014 it is different. There is changeable weather: A day of sun and warm and the next day snowfall and freezing cold. . The water temperature goes from ice cold to max 10 degrees; Rynda and Kharlovka have so much water and still rising.

I fly again over Helsinki with an overnight stay at the Hilton then continue to Murmansk. From there we continue to the Kharlovka with a large ex-military helicopter.

We land first at the Rynda. I am terrified when I see the water level on the home pool. The river is really high! The water is transparent and super fishable, but the river has real speed.

Kharlovka and Eastern Litza are salmon rivers in prime time for the best Atlantic, they may even be number 1 worldwide.

The lodge is first class. Everyone has their own log cabin with bathroom, service and food are very good.

Upon arrival, we are then briefed: weather and especially water level make for difficult conditions. Many pools are not fishable; swapping with the boat to the other side of the river is too dangerous; the water is cold, surface biting activity most unlikely. So we all fish with sinking lines and big flies.

Calendar Week 25 Kharlovka

Helicopter. I fish with Johannes, a Berliner artist, and with guide Sasha. The lot had decided: we should get going after the briefing. We get dressed and start around 18:00 flying out to the Litza tent camp and stay overnight there. Johannes fishes well and was already three times at Kharlovka and Litza.

On the arrival at the Litza tent camp, we go a few hundred metres upstream and begin at the Spawning pool.

I have a super start and after the fifth cast I hook a salmon with 17 pound, which I also land. It cannot start better!

Litza and Kharlovka are a dream for every salmon fisherman. – A natural jewel in the middle of no man's land, clean and natural, a pristine tundra landscape.

Week 25 was extremely challenging because of the weather. The temperature is constantly changing, often it is freezing cold. There is ice rain and is generally mostly wet. But the water level goes constantly down, the possibilities of catching good fish increases. In this week 14 rods catch 96 salmon despite bad weather and water level conditions. I have 10 salmon, Johannes 7. We're both sometimes catch daily prize kelts.

Johannes, my partner, however had literally leased the luck and is catching almost only thick pieces: at the Military a 36 pounder (Osenka) and even a 30-pounder at the Snowbank. The 36-pounder Osenka was especially a super fish. Nice that I did live to see it!

Almost all the salmon are silver coloured and full of sea lice, so totally fresh in the river. The drills are sometimes extreme, because of the high water level the fish are hard to hold, if they go in the current.

I should have spent week 26 at the Rynda. I experienced however that the conditions at the Rynda are bad. Because of the still high water levels the salmon are not able to pass the home pool waterfall and cannot move upwards. So only the lower section of the River can be fished in rotation with the rods. In the current week, 30 salmon were caught at the Rynda.

When there is a late cancellation in the Kharlovka, I take the opportunity to stay there the second week. I meet with John, an American, and we both had a great week.

Calendar Week 26 Kharlovka

The first two days it becomes slightly warmer; the water temperature rises to 11 degrees, the water level drops back considerably. We can now wade into many places in the river, and new cast angles and other possibilities open up.

Towards the end of the week, then strong wind comes up, and it gets cold again. Nevertheless we notice that we catch more and more fish and hardly any kelts as in the first week.

This week, I have a great day result with seven caught salmon at Litza and a super day at the Golden pool on the Kharlovka with eight hooked fish and five landed in just an afternoon. My Guide Dima, who together with me waded chest deep into the middle of the river at Cross Pool, helped me to my new personal best 25 pound salmon. He told me the exact location. After an extremely demanding and long drill we then landed the super fish!

My best fly this year – a Templedog of slim binded stainless steel tube – called Dima slim Beaty bitch. She’s catching really well, I hardly change.

I'm going fishing next year again at the Kharlovka – that is clear for me now!

Please leave a comment!

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Best Shots Weeks 25 and 26

Seite 74 - Kharlovka, Litza, Rynda, Russland, Juni 2014


My wife Monika and our daughter Anna were very satisfied with the Easter holiday destination last year, and so have we decided to book again at Desroches in the Seychelles. The island is beautiful, the service, the food and the accommodation are first class.

And: We all felt happy and content again! The most important thing: Anna has immediately found friends. The kids are fine, the adults fine! Relaxation from the very first moment!

As a flyfisherman I had the wish, this time to catch a sailfish and maybe even a permit on fly. In addition, I had two of my Carpenter rods and the Stellas with me, in order to possibly pop a few GTs etc. on the outer reef.

On the first trip for sailfish, I had two sails behind the boat. One I could just hook, but lost the fish on the second jump. I simply missed another chance.

On the second trip: I catch my first sailfish on my self-built fly with Cam Sigler popperhead. It is especially exciting when behind the boat the sail is and trying to get the teasers respectively and then attacked the fly. And it is live!

The drill was initially exciting – you can feel much strength and speed and you see the sail jump several times completely out of the water. In the end however the sailfish lays at the surface, and one more or less pumps him to the boat. A beautiful, majestic fish! One more in my collection.

I booked the boat for six half-days and a full-day excursion to Poivre. On the boat excursion, I catch bonitos, sharks, wahoos, rainbow runners and some beautiful reef fish with the fly.

Sometimes we go with the big catamaran. Moni and Anna also come along. I'm doing a tour with Mark, a London lawyer, whose family we got to know. Mark catches a super wahoo while trolling.

Also the beauty of Desroches is that you can make a round on the island with the fly rod. So sometimes just after sunrise, when my family are still asleep, I go fishing for one or two hours. Bonefish are there difficult, there are only a few, very shy fish. But I catch one every now and then.

I often see permits there, but except for a very small 20 cm I can outwit any.

On Desroches a whale had washed up, laying on a beautiful stretch of beach and stinks horribly. Tiger sharks smell the whale and come down to the shore, to pick out pieces of meat. I photograph the whale shortly before the management closes the beach section due to the sharks and finally drags the whale out to the open sea.

One day I spend with Mark on the flats on St. Joseph, where we catch some bones.

Finally, I'm going on a full-day excursion to Poivre because I would actually like to catch a permit. When we arrive in Poivre, we see flocks of gulls and yellowfins hunting on the surface.

That deters us first of our plan to go on the flats. On the first cast I get a bite and catch a bonito. Then straight away I have a yellowfin or doggi of medium size on the hook. Soon we notice that we cannot land bigger fish, because there were sharks and doggies, eating the fish off the hook, as soon as they are tired from the drill. We stop fishing, it makes no sense.

With my GoPro I could briefly record the underwater activities.

The flat fishing off Poivre is interesting. I catch a few bones, and we see three really big permits, but every time we come close to casting distance, they disappear. Permits are difficult to outwit.

At low tide, we go back on the boat and decide to go to the reef for popping. I catch two nice GTs.

Several times, I recognize a school of permits. -I'm glad to see something! As soon as I have however a fly rod ready to cast, they have already disappeared. Once, I can record it with the GoPro.



More than 1,000 kilometres southwest of the main island of Mahé and about 200 kilometres north of Madagascar lay the Cosmoledo atoll. In the middle of the Indian Ocean and far away from any land mass! Amongst the saltwater fishermen Cosmoledo formerly was known as the world's best destination for GT fishing. Five years ago, the atoll was closed, because there were problems with pirates and the safety could no longer be guaranteed.

In 2014 the atoll can be fished for the first time again. The operation with the expedition boat Maya Dugong is militarily protected, one can feel safe. After the test tour in February sensational fishing results are reported. – And so our expectations are high, especially since the trip is costly and expensive.

My friend Helmut Alleze from Munich is with me in the very first week, also the owners of the operation, the Collins family, a few South Americans and Englishmen. I will stay two weeks in Cosmoledo.


We are a really cool group! Everyone from the first and from the second week are supernice, we have a lot of fun and get on brilliantly. Thanks for this unforgettable, great time with you all!


Etihad takes us from Munich with stopover in Abu Dhabi to Mahé, where we have to stay one night. We pass the time with a stroll to the Marina and good food. There's not much more to do there.

A small, private charter plane takes us from Mahé to Assumption, where the expedition boat awaits us.

The Maya Dugong is surprisingly well equipped, despite her age. Everything you need is there. The cabins have air conditioning, bathroom and plenty of room for luggage. The food tastes nice, and the fishing boats are very good.

Fishing on three pristine atolls is unique.


In Assumption there is a runway, and there are a few workers living on the island, who maintain everything.

For me, Assumption is very interesting in relation to GT fishing. On the arrival day, there are three to four hours left in the afternoon before the Maya Dugong departs for Cosmoledo. Between the first and second week in Assumption I am seven, eight hours fishing completely alone. The result: 9 GTs!

We are barely a minute on the beach on the first day, and all three already drill a GT. There are also very many giant tortoises in Assumption, we have even witnessed them hatch. Beautiful on one hand, on the other hand also cruel: The newborn turtles crawl from the nest in the sand dunes down into the water. They hardly swim a few metres, the GTs come from everywhere and fill their bellies. Hard to imagine how the turtles can survive.

The right time to throw the fly in the water! The GTs are extremely aggressive in this phase and flatten everything down what gets in their way, especially black Brushflies which look like small tortoises.


Cosmoledo is 14,5 km long and about 11,5 km wide. The land area of the atoll is only about 2 km², the surface of the lagoon is about 145 km². It comprises a ring of 9 main islands and an interior lagoon. The ocean around Cosmoledo ist extraordinarily rich in fish, whereas the atoll itself is home to big populations of frigate birds, swallows and gannets. The extremeley beautiful atoll is also used as nesting site by tortoises.

Picture book-flats as far as the eye can see! Two main channels go through the atoll where GTs hunt in incoming and outgoing water. You can sight GTs on the flats at the bottom of the sand sometimes in 100 metres distance, then wait and cast out to the fish when the casting distance is right.

Even if the fly lands 10, 15 metres away in the field of view, with top speed the GT shoots to it and simply wants to eat the thing. Pure aggression in this speed – it's fire for the adrenaline. What's next, is a hard battle that puts man and material to the test.

Except for GTs, there is a good population of bonefish at Cosmoledo. The average size is five to six pounds, but there are also really big bones. And of course there are a number of other reef fish. We focus on GT, only occasionally at low tide, we go after bonefish and Co.


Lies about 38 km south of Cosmoledo atoll, is about 6 km long and 4 km wide, and has a land area of just 5 km². On Astove the upper fringing reef separates the lagoon with about 9.5 km sq, almost entirely from the sea.

We remain two days on Astove because the weather is so good. Astove is a small atoll, only one channel leads into the inner lagoon. The fishing in this channel and some kilometres on the left and on the right of it – this is for me the highlight of this trip, above all because of the size of the fish. There are extremely big GTs, I could hook two really big ones(120 to 130 cms), unfortunately, after a few minutes the reef cut the line.

You fish in the surf, the reef edge is sometimes just 50 metres away. There it goes right down at 100 metres and more. The large GTs come over the edge and mainly hunt for mullets on the flats. To stop a great GT and prevent it from going over the edge – that's the challenge! And it is not always successful. At Astove I go twice for a couple of hours with poppers just outside in front of the edge. What is happening there is unbelievable! We catch ourselves literally dumb and stupid. Sometimes, we have 100 GTs around our boat. It is very interesting, but actually far too easy for someone so ambitious like me. I catch GTs up to 120 cm in length, many barracudas and a lot more on these trips.A nice change, but it does not come close to the attraction of fly fishing.


I can really say that I have already fished at many of the best places on this earth. However, Cosmoledo excels everything, it is the absolutely best what I have done up to now. I cannot imagine topping that. Jacques Cousteau has made his films here not for nothing. The abundance of fish in this natural jewel is second to none. In these two weeks, I have caught 90 GTs with the fly rod. The poppers are uninteresting, it is far too easy and is no more a challenge.

For me, now the decision is clear: next year I will be here once again to fish.


During the three days of fishing at Jurassic Lake, we had incredible luck. Now, however, we are happy about the searun fishing at the Rio Grande.

In Ushuaia, one piece of Helmut’s baggage is missing, that weighs heavily on the mood. Half an hour later it shows up, the world is back in order. A familiar face, Genaro, picks us up at the airport in Ushuaia and brings us to Rio Grande.

At the Estancia M. Behety Genaro shows us the shearing of sheep. It is just the time of the sheep shearing, very impressive pictures for us.


You can issue the Lodge Estancia Maria Behety only the best report. The lodging, food and the staff are simply first class. You feel extremely comfortable there, every guests’ wish is fulfilled. You cannot run a lodge better. We are a fun group and get on very well together. Except for me and Helmut the majority are Americans, Englishmen and Scots.


The water level is similar to last year, rather on the low side. Therefore fishing with rather small nymphs was happening: mainly Aurelia Prince, EMB, beauty Camilla in rather smaller size in the colour chartreuse and orange. However, I also had a lot of success with my small Atlantic salmon stainless steel tubes what really pleased me.

The previous weeks were not very successful, because of heavy rainfall, the guides tell us, but during the last days it becomes increasingly better, and the river clears up again. Thus we are confident to have got a good week.


We put in a good start! Especially for Helmut who fishes the Rio Grande for the first time: After a few throws he has a 22-pound male on the hook and also lands this super fish. Later it turned out that this will be his heaviest fish of the week. A real trophy fish!

I catch on the first morning in the pool Antonias (former Andrew) five pieces, all between 13 and 16.5 pounds, and lose a further three. Helmut catches two: he loses a 22-pound male and a 15-pound female, he loses two more. A wonderful morning! Our colleagues in the lodge barely catch anything, we have the right pool. In the afternoon we are on Beat 6 and 7 where I catch another two and Helmut catches another small searun. In addition, Helmut loses another promising fish. Therefore a super start day!


In the morning, we fish with guide Genaro at spot 30 Moneta, one of my favourite places in the last few years. However: This time it is difficult. I catch 2 smaller searuns, Helmut has nothing on the hook unfortunately. So in comparison to previous years it is more disappointing. In the evening we go to spot 15 right at the lodge. There I have four fish, three of them in the last 15 minutes.


In the morning we go to spot 24 Julia. I catch two beautiful searuns and lose three more. Helmut loses also a fish. For Julia it was good, because Julia was not good this year in January. In the evening everyone is catching a searun at spot 16.


In the morning we are at spot 27 and 28 together with guide Pocket. Only one place is good, because the place is quite limited with low water level. We fish approximately 150 metres of pool in rotation. Helmut loses a super fish, I catch two pieces, one with 17 pounds. In the evening we go to spot 31, then I there catch four fish up to 15 pounds.


Today, it is announced that Federico Molinolo is the head guide. I usually always have my great moments with Federico. In the morning we fish Arturo. It can be a real top place, you also see many fish. Helmut catches three, I one and lose two. In the evening I catch five fish and Helmut three. Again a super day!


We go with Novel to spot 13 and 14 near the lodge. I don't particularly like these pools under the lodge. The river there is narrow and flows more slowly. I have no good memory of these pools of recent years. At pool Veinte, I have fish after fish and catch six searuns. Helmut then got something better at pool Augustin. There he caught two fish, one with 16 pounds.

I lose a real super fish at Innesita: My line is snagged on the bottom! That has never happened to me at the Rio Grande.

In the afternoon at spot 16 Pool Pozon del Medio (Middle Pool), I catch at the end still five searuns and Helmut two.

The fishing is excellent this year, we're both very happy. For me it is seen by the number of fish – 37 searuns – the best year on the Rio Grande.



The long journey to Argentina/ Tierra del Fuego is enough in itself. All the strain for only six days of fishing on the Rio Grande? No! Helmut Alleeze, my fishing friend from Munich, has never been to Jurassic Lake. Once you need to go there, and we decided to go there before the Rio Grande. Size and number of rainbows on the Jurassic are really unique.

The journey is extremely exhausting again as expected: The journey from El Calafate with the pickup truck to the lake takes seven to eight hours and goes over sticks and stones. The first two days we are alone in the lodge, and then come two American couples and the Loop-people from Sweden.


In the evening the food is mostly ok; really good if it is a barbecue. This time the breakfast is, unfortunately, very much plain and simple. Of course one does not suffer hunger, but it is camp food rather than lodge food.

The lodging is suitable. The toilets are not mostly clean, the showers in need of renovation. The shower rooms are unheated; partially the water comes out only drop by drop, the temperature is difficult to adjust: The water is either boiling hot or, however, ice-cold.


The angling is this time very different than the last time I was at the Jurassic Lake in November. The water level of the river was high, and I could fish the Rio Barrancoso upstream for a few kilometres, because during high water the rainbows travel up the river. I remember: it was awesome river fishing with large fish in small waters.

This time the fishing is only in the immediate mouth area of the river, we catch the good, fresh fish only in the lake. We have only three fishing days, and this is not so bad: These days we can let off real steam and have great success. We catch many trophy rainbow trout. It seems that my friend Helmut has leased the luck with the large ones: He really lands a few big ones. Usually we have great weather with the usual strong winds, but often we have a fabulously beautiful, blue sky.


This time the wooly bugger does not work so well. Mostly it is better to fish with small nymphs and fish finely. Successful are: white wooly bugger, Prince nymphs hook size 6-8 and various rubberleg nymphs 4-6.

We have our fun. After three days we are glad about the next week at the Rio Grande. The return journey from camp to El Calafate and the onward flight to Ushuaia run according to plan.


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Seite 66 - Jurassic Lake, Argentinien, Jänner 2014


As a boy, a trip to Australia was already a dream for me, and especially the barrier reef had always been a magical attraction to me. // There are hardly any European tour operators, that book fishing trips to Australia. The demand is not great due to the grueling journey.

During my research, I encounter Nomad Sportfishing (, the most well-known Australian operator for fishing trips. They are primarily focused on conventional fishing, but one or two trips in the year are designed for fly fishing.

On the internet I then found the web page by Stefan Kreupl, specializing in blue-water fishing: Stefan has also confirmed to me that the boat Tradition with Captain Tim Richardson( is a top choice for offshore fishing on the Barrier Reef.

In the summer of 2013 I book five days on the Tradition out of Cairns to the Barrier Reef / Ribbon Reef to fish for black marlin. This is a new experience for me, because I never spent longer than a day trip on an offshore fishing boat.

Afterwards I continue with Nomad Sportfishing for eight days with the fly on a Nomad expedition boat chasing reef and predator fish on the Barrier Reef from Claremont Isles to Horn Island.

The trip to Australia is of course very time consuming. On the 26.10.2013 I fly from Munich to Singapore and then to Brisbane. After a stopover, I fly to Cairns. I have to fly further north from Cairns with a Cessna to Cooktown, where I once again spend the night. On the 29.10, at the port of Cooktown, awaited Captain Tim Richardson with his crew Justin and Eric and his boat Tradition.


At first glance, you can see that the Tradition is a super equipped boat. Everything is up to date. You realise that Tim himself professionally equips offshore fishing boats. I have a double bed cabin with air conditioning, and there is even excellent Wi-Fi on the open sea via a satellite system.


From Cooktown we drive about 25 km to the inner Barrier Reef. With light trolling equipment we catch bait fish: Spanish mackerel and ladyfish. The latter is one of the best bait for marlin. It is clear straight away that bait fishing can be stressful, the reels are going off in a row and we have often 2 or 3 bites at the same time.

Once the bait fish are ticked off, they are prepared as trolling bait and put in the freezer. Young Justin does very well. After a few times watching him, I still have trouble to remember the work process. The preparation of an individual bait fish troll lure takes about ten minutes.

Then it should go off, the rods are laid out. After ten minutes with bait fish on the system, (skipper) I catch my first marlin, a fairly small one. It looks unusually small for Tim, for me it is a super fish. My first marlin, and after 10 minutes!

The wound of the fish comes from territorial marking. The fish is marked in the water by a marking tag with registration number which is stabbed into him. Seems worse than it is, because the marker tags do not go deep into the flesh.

In the evening just before 6.00pm I catch a 400 pound marlin on the outer Ribbon Reef. A great experience! For the first time, I feel the strength and mass of a powerful and heavy fish.

The evenings are adventurous and romantic. There is often no wind, and we anchor just before the inner reef in the shadows of waves together with other boats. Sometimes I have super fishing opportunities from the anchored boat. As soon as the anchor light is in the water the bait fish come and form a bait fish ball, and then immediately the predators emerge – to my delight.


The underwater world of the Barrier Reef is of course fascinating, the coral reefs are still intact. I am also a diver, and so I cannot miss out. We have no diving equipment, but alone the snorkeling is fascinating. The reef is really beautiful, and in contrast with other diving areas, there are big fish swimming everywhere. A special experience is it to snorkel with Justin and harpoon our dinner. We get the best of the best: coral trouts. Taste divine!

It is exciting to hunt coral trouts. As soon as you have harpooned a fish, you have to get him as soon as possible to the surface and out of the water to the boat. The sharks smell blood and are quick to the spot. Usually to land a fish with harpoons takes much strength, because the fish swim almost always into the nearest hole located in a coral stock. The thread off and to get it out of the hole is really not my thing. I mostly leave it for Justin, the air has without end.

If there are too many sharks we have to cancel this task.


Marlin fishing is awesome. I land six black marlin in five days, and no day without fish. I also go every day snorkeling and spear fishing. I like this, it is a good change.

My moment of glory is on 1st November again shortly before 6.00pm. I catch a black marlin with 900 pounds! The drill is not long but really strength draining and adventurous. As soon as 300 pounds of leader comes in the near of the rods-top ring, the guides take the leader in the hand and try to bring the fish with the hands to the boat. // The fish comes up and jumps completely out of the water several times. Literally, the water is boiling around the boat. The adrenalin level rises, it's a crazy experience. The goal of the team is to mark the fish, then as quickly as possible to cut off the rig, and to let the fish free to recoup, so the fish is not too tired and has enough strength to submerge. The fish counts as a caught one, the guide takes the rig in the hand.

There are super films of my marlins caught. On the Tradition, everything is professionally organised! When a fish is hooked, three GoPro cameras can be switched on using the GoPro remote control. These are mounted on three different positions on the boat and shoot the drill and all the trappings from three different perspectives.


In the late afternoon, I catch another 100 pound marlin and then another one with 950 pounds. I am very happy and satisfied. These five days have really paid off.

Right then we drive two hours with full speed back to Port Douglas. I was picked up by a taxi at the harbor and taken to Cairns, an hour's drive away. There I stay overnight night in the Shangri La hotel, in order to begin the next day my onward journey to Musgrave, where I will be met from the Nomad Sportfishing. Before me another eight days of fly fishing on the Barrier Reef approach, and I already look forward enormously to it.



The previous marlin fishing with Captain Tim Richardson on the Tradition was a great success. So I'm quite calmly in the second part of this trip: eight days fly fishing on one of Nomad expedition boats.

I spend the night at the Shangri-La in Cairns, the next day I continue with a small plane to the north, Musgrave, a small Bush airport. There on the river, the Nomad guides take us on a Skiff to the mothership anchored in the estuary.


We drive from Musgrave to the Claremont Isles and then daily far north, fishing the well-known Blight Reef up to Horn Island, an island off the northern part of Australia, not far away from Papua New Guinea.


The Nomad Sportfishing – Mothership has four super equipped skiffs, which can be loaded with the help of a crane on deck. So we are flexible.

Usually, we go at night, direction north to a new reef. The skiffs are super and make it easy for us to get to every sandbank or island. The facilities on the mothership Odyssey are very good, what you need is all on board. Even a bar! At the end of a day of fishing, you can relax there with cool drinks. The service on board is very good, the kitchen really excellent.


The Nomad Sportfishing -Guides Halex, Chad, Chris and Gavin are very experienced, you can learn a lot from them. They know the good places, because they have done this expedition several times before. But we also continually fish new places.

We, the lucky 10 anglers, are really a super troop. We have not only caught well, but also have laughed a lot and have got on very well. These were from the crew:

André de Botton, Chris Fletcher, Don Jonston, Hardy Mclain, Peter Roberts, Tim Ryan, Mitchell Smith, Darren Hocking, Stephen Smith and I.


Some days are very windy and stormy. This makes fly fishing especially difficult, because the wind blows 50 km/h and the water in the flats is often murky. In addition, the sun is usually missing, and it is difficult to distinguish the fish. Due to the high waves we cannot go to the outer reef. -It hurts the most, because these are usually the best places.

I try at the beginning only with the fly rod, usually together with Don Jonston, a likeable American and experienced saltwater fly fisherman.
We can land many beautiful fish such as Spanish mackerel, sharks, emperors, queenfish etc, but it is initially really difficult with the GTs. Finally I succeed, I catch one golden trevally and a giant trevally on fly rod and Don as well. I cut off two fly lines with the drill. In places with many bommies, the prospect of GT bites is the highest, but unfortunately the losses are also. I fish mostly with the 8 foot #14, but to stop a GT, heavy flying fish equipment also doesn’t help. There were really super fish, everyone had his success.



In the last two years, I have fished many different species of fish in freshwater and saltwater. However, an important freshwater fish is still missing from my album: the STEELHEAD.

The steelhead is a sea-run rainbow trout, which pulls like a salmon in the sea, and in the river comes back to spawn. However, it doesn't do it once in a lifetime like the salmon, but several times. When a steelhead returns in the fresh water, is still eats, and it also doesn’t die after spawning. My guide Stan tells that in the steelhead’s stomach you can find anything from insects to mice, up to small fish, by the time you have it. Steelheads reach considerable sizes: the record is 40.75 lbs. and a length of 45. 25 inches.

The best steelhead rivers are in British Columbia, Canada. Obviously I have to go there. My plan is beforehand to go more northerly to Smithers to fish the known rivers such as Kispiox, Babine or Bulkley. Because I'm far too late with booking, I am unable to find a good lodge or a guide in Smithers. I would like to be flexible as always and do not necessarily restrict myself to a river.

Image: minionflyfishing

Skeena wilderness fishing charters in terrace, BC, sounds like a good solution. After a few phone calls and emails with Stan Daniels, I decide to book there. A stroke of luck! // Stan Doll with his guiding company has for over 40 years been in business. His two sons, Kori and Kelly have learnt fly fishing from their father from a young age. I'm really in the very best hands.

Here is the link to their website: bc-steelhead

I am accommodated in Stan’s house where there are some guest rooms. The food is great, a family atmosphere and I feel contented. The equipment, cars and boats are first class; and for those who want to tie flies: Stan has a binding area with everything you can imagine. Stan’s program also includes smaller steelhead rivers where he is licensed as the only guiding company.

There are many top rivers to be fished in the lower Skeena area, which are not as well known as the rivers in the upper reaches, also not so heavily fished. Steelheads are there all year round. Some rivers have a strong spring run, others spring and summer runs. Each year the Kalum River for example, is where many prize steelheads are caught. It is first on my agenda. // Unfortunately the weather is very unstable in BC.

When I arrive, Stan told me that for three weeks a very unusual hot spell occurred with up to 30 degrees Celsius. // The rivers result in less water, which itself has strongly heated. Not good for fishing! However, on my arrival it is raining very heavy, and remains like this for the next few days.


I get up around 6:30am, I can no longer sleep. Stan goes with me to the Kalum River. The water is very murky, I don't like it. I guess the view is maximum 30 cm, conditions which I normally would not fish under. Stan gave me hope, and so I stayed confident. I fish with large, dark patterns in the colours black/blue and black/purple.

We catch dollies and some pinks, but no steelhead bites. The water rises and is getting murkier: in 20 cm deep water I can no longer see my wading shoes. Saddening views, and I suppose that with the heavy rain the water does not recover and the river needs time to clear up again.

Two American steelhead veterans, Bill and Jim, are with Kori at the Copper. They catch three steelheads and lost more. The water there is indeed murky but still fishable. // Stan suggests that we should tomorrow go to Gitnadiox where the water should be clear.


I get up at 5:30am, after breakfast we drive to Gitnadiox. A great river in the middle of a National Park, Stan is the only guide that has the license to fish in the River. // But also there is flood water, it rains constantly. We try it for two hours, without success. // Then we drive to the Skeena and make 1000 casts. I catch a small silver salmon. Then I get a big king on, which pulls slowly 200 metres of line from me, then the trace is cut off. I think it was hooked on the tail.

Jim, Bill and Kori were again at the lower Copper and hooked four steels and lost three or four. The water there is murky but still fishable. Great, because tomorrow I'm going there with Kori.

20.9.2013: COPPER RIVER

Jim, Bill, Kori and I go to the Copper River. We start very early so that we are the first on the river. Unfortunately, the water is murkier than the day before, but it is still reasonably fishable. // We try, but without success. In the afternoon, the water is still murky and is no longer fishable. I caught a silver and nothing else. Damn it.

I am slowly frustrated and wondering what to do and how I can avoid the weather, because I have a few more days fishing before me. // Smithers would be an option, there it shouldn’t be raining, and the rivers should well be fishable. Three Americans who I met at the Copper and also Bill and Jim were previously at Kispiox and Babine. There were difficult conditions; hardly any steelheads were caught.

Bill is 84 years old and still a real steelheader, he wades through the river like a youngster. Two great guys with whom I had lots of fun. // The weather forecast predicts an improvement in the weather. Today it rains quite lightly only at times. Stan suggests to fish one or two days at the Kasiks. Admittedly there are few steelheads but good silver salmon stock.

21.09.2013: KASIKS RIVER

The Kasiks is located about 40 miles south of Terrace towards the coast. It is a side river of the Skeena River. It has a spring run but in the summer no steelheads; instead it has silver salmon.

Usually the river is navigable only in the spring with the jet boat, but because flood water is now everywhere, even the Kasiks carries much water. This River is never murky and is always clear. It is only about five or six kilometres long, the water rises from springs and waterfalls which flows down on the rock walls. The Kasiks is currently the only river that is clear and fishable. Furthermore it is beautiful, really a natural jewel.

In the morning we are all optimistic, it has not rained in the night. We want to go first to the Kalum and look at the water. Unfortunately: The water is extremely murky. We are disappointed and decide to go to the Kasiks. // There we catch 12 silver salmon, sometimes real trophies. Here, it rains all day. Secondly, we see a black bear.

22.09.2013: KASIKS RIVER

All rivers around Terrace including Copper run flood water and are dirty; so Kori and I go to the Kasiks where I catch many silver salmon.


The upper Copper is accessible only by helicopter so the fishing pressure is low. A day with the helicopter costs about 1800 euros. With Peter and Kenneth, two Americans, I share the cost, and we agree to fish the next two days there. // The pilots tell us the upper Copper is almost clear, and days before, two Americans caught a lot there. Finally hope for good water and steelheads!

23.9.2013: UPPER COPPER

The helicopter is sensational. The weather is clear and for the first time blue sky. As we fly over the upper Copper for the first time, we see a wonderful and especially clear river. Promising!

And it actually doesn't take long until I catch my first steelhead. The three of us catch a fabulous 19 steelheads in the day, including several fish between 14 and 17 pounds. It was Peter's day: with 11 steelheads he exceeds us all. I am however extremely satisfied with my five steelheads. Besides, on this day I have learnt some things from Peter.

24.9.2013: UPPER COPPER

The upper Copper has done it to us; we would prefer to repeat the previous day. The day is so beautiful with plenty of sunshine and little rain. // The best: I catch nine steels and lose five more. What a day! // Peter catches three; Kenneth fishes only with dry flies, two hooks, but loses them.

25.9.2013: UPPER COPPER

I fly with guide Kori and his wife alone to the upper Copper. A super day, I hook many fish. Including a steelhead with 95 cm and one with 101 cm!

26.9.2013: UPPER COPPER

My last day. I have to go back to the upper Copper as I want to experience another day. Kalum and Skeena have cleared up again and are fishable, but I am drawn back to the Copper. I don’t want to risk anything and once again invest in the helicopter.

At 10 o'clock in the morning I have five steelheads – what a start! In the evening are then seven steelheads, one with 103 cm. A super fish. In the afternoon two other helicopters arrive; I fish behind which is of course, more difficult.


The trip started bad and the prospects were so frustrating, but in the end the journey went well. The last four days with 32 steelheads caught, are my remaining impressions of this dream holiday.


Seite 45 - Terrace, Canada/BC, September 2013


We already know the Maldives from previous holidays – it was always extremely relaxing and there is something for everyone. So it promises to be this year, especially after I found out that it will pay to take my equipment.

I’m really lucky, because the two women in my life have an understanding for my passion. And so I can plan a few hours in advance.

Kanuhura is a gorgeous resort; it is one of the leading hotels of the world. It describes itself as “essence of a relaxing and authentic vacation in the Maldives”. We can only agree with that.

Kanuhura is located at the edge of the remote Lhaviyani atoll, one of the most spectacular atolls of the Maldives. Kanuhura is a very private hideaway with beautiful small neighbouring islands, and a wide range of bars, restaurants, and activities for all ages. And for me, the possibility to fish!


Our flight with Condor goes directly from Frankfurt to Male. We have sought after this flight, to make the trip for our little daughter more enjoyable. However… With Condor I have unfortunately already had some bad experiences, and again this time. Our flight was postponed for a day! We were accommodated at the Maritime Hotel in Frankfurt and only then could depart at 20:00hr the next day.


An Italian, who lives mostly in Singapore, has at Kanuhura an offshore boat and also skiffs. Even though it is rainy season and monsoon wind, I think it will be something. We have great luck with the weather. It rains only three times for half an hour. // Mario is unfortunately not on the island, but his Maldivian representatives Adam and Mohammed do a very good job.

I have my salt water equipment in line weights 8 to 12. Beforehand, I bound a box of bonefish flies and also 30 – 40 pieces for the larger predators in the Reef.

For the first time, I have a Ripple fisher Ultimo 82 spin rod as well as the Stella 18000 and SW with PE 6 line and some Popper and Stick baits of 100 – 150 grams. I definitely want to catch GTs.


Fly fishing on Kanuhura itself is not allowed. You must charter a Skiff, which costs $150 per hour.

Unfortunately it is not allowed on a few deserted sandbanks next to Kanuhura, because there are people out there having picnics. They have complained a few times that they find the fishing disturbing. // Very, very unfortunate, because they would be very good fishing spots for bonefish.

I have tried three times to catch bonefish but only caught one. On this hard-fought fish, I am especially proud. The fishing pressure is considerable, because the few bonefish places have been constantly fished from the fishing guests of Kanahuras and neighbouring islands. In addition, they are only very small.


Popper fishing outside on the reef and on its drop off is really great. I am out there three to four hours every day. // Each bite is hard won, but every day on average, I catch at least one GT between 5 and 20 kilos. I also lose some on the reef, or I must cut off the line there.

GTs are really extremely aggressive predators and attack the bait relentlessly and hard. They are extremely strong in the play, and you have to take them as hard as you can: with the rod upon bending and breaking! When you give too much line, the consequence is that the line will be tangled in a coral colony. // The weather is always beautiful, although it is sometimes a little wavy outside, but otherwise I really enjoyed fishing with the Popper.


Seite 41 - Malediven, Kanuhura, August 2013


Stefan and Alex from AOS Sport Fishing in Graz have brought me on the Yokanga trip. The Yokanga was last year on my wish list – and so it was easy to convince me.

The Yokanga River is located on the Kola Peninsula, south of the Rynda; I fished in prime-time three weeks earlier. I believe that the Yokanga has a stronger salmon rise, and is also much larger.

The group consists of 11 Austrians and one from Munich, I like it. The last spring on Kola was extremely hot, and the tons of snow from the winter have melted quickly. At the prime fishing time in June on the Yokanga, it had up to 30 degrees outside and 19 degrees water temperature. A reason why catches were relatively low. And there were not the really big ones either. Before our trip, it started to cool off, and we can expect great summer fishing despite low water level. 13 – 14 degrees water temperature looks promising.

The Haider brothers and colleagues from the East travel from Vienna. Helmut Alleze, the one from Munich, and I take the flight from Munich to Moscow. We all meet at the airport and pass some time till departure to Murmansk with a good meal.

Finally in the evening the small aeroplane from Aeroflot continues to Murmansk.


We stay there one night, in the morning, a taxi takes us to the airport, where the travel organisation welcomes us and in 20 minutes a bus takes us to the helicopter departure place.

We travelled one hour in a huge helicopter up to the Lodge – an absolute adventure, and right at the beginning of this journey.


We received a warm welcome at the Lodge. I was exceptionally happy with it as well as with the food. I have a single room; the rooms are conveniently furnished and very comfortable.

13.07.2013: ARRIVAL DAY

After a lunch and a briefing we walk to Home pool. I have five bites but no catch. Darn it, this annoys me, when I cannot score one out of five bites. Slowly it appears to me, on the day of arrival it seems to be always difficult for me. I am thinking of a start on the Rynda. On the opposite side of the river Alex and Stefan are fishing and catch well. On the first evening, nine grilse and six salmon are caught.

14.07.2013: FISHING DAY 1 - NORTH CAMP

Klaus Dirnberger is with me in the team. Also, this is only Klaus’s second time at Atlantic salmon fishing, as me. Before that, he was in Canada, I on the Rynda. We get along together very well straight away and we fly with the helicopter to “North camp”, fully motivated. Getting on and off the helicopter is really adventurous. “The North Camp” is a section of the river, several kilometres long, and is an absolute top place for salmon fishing.

I catch four salmon weighing 8, 9, 10 and 16 pounds. Already Klaus hooks a great salmon after a few minutes but he loses it in the end. The salmon is several times before the landing net, with a little more skill the guide, in my opinion, should be able to net the fish. A 20-plus fish! Klaus loses several more fish on the day but then he catches a super 21 pound salmon. In the evening after dinner, I see what’s happening at the Home pool and I catch then 2 grilse and a small salmon. A great day!

15.07.2013: FISHING DAY 2 - BOUCHERS

Currently Bouchers is the best pool, and still we are not happy. I can't explain it: we can only land a grilse. All the other teams that come after us to Bouchers get super salmon there. Because the expectations at Bouchers are so high, we remain at the main pool until after lunch. But that changed nothing of the matter, we are wasting time. Finally we go further downstream.

On the whole, this is not my day: I catch the first fish at 3 p.m.. My day result: two grilse. Klaus catches three grilse and a nice salmon with 10 pounds. Let's see what tomorrow brings!


Today Lilyok and Homepool are on. In the morning, I catch three salmon at Lilyok, then four more at the top at Homepool and in the evening two more at Homepool. Unfortunately, all of them are 12 pound grilse except for a salmon.

Klaus has taken it on the day not so good: he lands a grilse, nothing else. Luck is on my side: After the Lilyok nothing works anymore, in the late afternoon I walk upstream. There I find a place where I have hit after hit and catch four salmon.

17.07.2013: FISHING DAY 4 – CROWS NEST

Today Crows Nest is on, just a beat downstream after Lilyok. Initially, it is rather boring; it’s not until the end when it gets more interesting. I lose a salmon and catch one with 17 pounds. Also, Klaus is not empty.

The lower pools are open at the beginning of the season; later on, there is no fishing at all there, due to any fresh salmon coming in. Nevertheless very productive areas appear below. I regret the fact that we have spent too much time at the top. In the evening, I lose another salmon at Lilyok.

18.07.2013: FISHING DAY 5 - CLIFF

I really like it at the Cliff. Above the Startpool I fish from the boat, I don’t get anything out of the two bites. It annoys me, because I may have set the hook too early. The bites coming at the end of an already stretched line; such bites are always difficult to score. Then I catch another salmon up there with eight pounds. // Klaus loses a strong salmon at the Startpool.

Further downstream, in the next section, at a point where the Yokanga splits, I catch two salmon before the crossing in fast water. A 19 pound (light coloured) and one with 14 pounds. A real fight, because both fish shoot into the fast water and swim downstream. I chase him for at least 100 metres. In the evening on Lilyok, I don’t have any more bites. Klaus begins the day catching three grilse and a super 15 pounder. A very good day for both of us!


It is already the last day, what a pity! Many would like to stay longer … Klaus and I fish the section Seven Island. This pool the day before was not good: Klaus has read yesterday, that only one or two fish were caught. Klaus catches two grilse and I catch a 14 pounder.

At dinner, there’s final words by Roddy from Fly fish Yokanga. All have experienced a great fishing week and are happy. We all had lots of fun, and there was absolutely no stress, just a great group.

There are medals for Ian Eckersley, for catching a super 31 pounder, the biggest fish of the week. Diane O'Neil has caught the second biggest salmon, a 27 pounder. From the AOS group, Claude Celotto had a 27 pounder and Wolfgang Mörtl a 25 pounder.




Seite 39 - 13.-21. JULI 2013: RUSSIA, KOLA: YOKANGA


Atlantic salmon fishing in Russia is the superlative! The Kola Peninsula has the best rivers: Yokanga, Rynda, Kola, Varzuga, Varzina and Kharlovka, to name just a few. The prime time to go, two to three weeks in June, has become very expensive. Because of that, the expectations are very high.

On Friday at 10:25 a.m., I travel from Innsbruck via Frankfurt to Helsinki, where I arrive at 5 p.m. At the airport I meet Bernd and Peter from Germany. I already know Bernd from a two-hand course last year. We spend a nice evening together in an excellent fish restaurant on the harbor. This is the second time on the Yokanga for both of them.

After a night at the Hilton at the airport, I fly in an hour on Saturday morning to Murmansk. Clearance takes an eternity. We continue with a military helicopter directly to the Lodge. The flight is an experience, the width of the tundra and the many rivers and lakes! At the Rynda Lodge, we are greeted with our national flags – a great idea.

In total, there are 12 rods at the Rynda Lodge: five Americans (Yvon, Kurt, Bruce, David N. & David E.), two Englishmen (David J. and Mark), and a Swiss (Hugo), two Russians (Vladimir & Anton) and I, an Austrian. The newcomers are briefed and we get information about the river and the daily routine.

ARRIVAL DAY: 22.06.2013

In the evening, there is still three hours to fish. In strong winds and in bright sunshine I try my luck at the Norway pool, but I get no bite. But the first impressions made up for that – impressive, how this huge river has led its way through the tundra. // There were only two salmon caught by all participants on the day of arrival.

May I introduce to you: my guide Petja and my fishing partner for the week, Hugo Baumann from St. Gallen in Switzerland with guide Sascha. // The Lodge is located 600 kilometres above the Arctic Circle, so it is light around the clock. At midnight, I photograph the Homepool with the waterfall.

The Lodge and the food are excellent and deserve five stars. The quality of the cuisine is really at its finest, the chef is a master. I have never eaten so well at a fishing lodge. We are housed in a small log cabin with a bedroom, desk and bathroom.

FISHING DAY 1, 23.06.2013

I fish Down Under, Eagle's Nest, Horseshoe and Picnic Island, but cannot hook a fish. Two, three attacks on my Sunray hitch, and that was it. Hugo has more luck this day. He fishes mainly the pools of Rebecca, Rubert and Prunella and catches three salmon.

In the evening I am disappointed, I really expected a lot more. On the dinner table, it turns out that I was not alone with my zero result: only five or six of my colleagues have caught fish. From 10 p.m. til midnight I go once again to the Homepool. Good decision: I catch three salmon with 15, 18 and 20 pounds and lose a play after ten minutes. Relieved and happy, the first day is over. // I catch a 20 pounder on hitsch, the fish is once already in the tailout, at the end of the rapids. I don’t know how I once again wound it up – you need always luck.

FISHING DAY 2, 24.06.2013

For this day we are booked in at Homepool. I go first thing in the morning with the inflatable boat to the other shore, and there I hook a super fish, unfortunately after three minutes, I lose the play. After ten minutes, I then catch a 15 pound and a further 13 pound fish at Upper Home pool. Hugo remains on the shore side of the lodge, there he catches a fish and loses another.

After lunch at Homepool we move to Rocks Island, where I catch a grilse and a 14 pounder. I am very satisfied with four salmon. In the evening l try again at Homepool, but nothing more happens .

Petja, my guide, then goes swimming involuntarily; this is the second time this day. But the weather is beautiful, and he takes it quite calmly.

FISHING DAY 3, 25.06.2013

Like every day, we are flown to our pools with the helicopter. We have some parts of the pools for us alone, over several kilometres of river, with enough space.

We fish at the Power Pool, some small areas below, then the Round pool, the 2nd Waterfall. At the end, Hugo fishes Nikolai and Deep Run and I Red cliff. Hugo has a coloured salmon with 19 pounds at Smart Dog below the power pool and a 15 pounder at the deep run. I catch a 12 pound at Red Cliff pool, and I lose a big one at the Round pool.

After dinner, I go fishing until midnight and catch a 6 pound salmon at Dancing Platform and another 10 pound one at Rocks Island. So that is the end of another great day with three salmon for me and also for Hugo.

The sea crab meal is the culinary highlight this evening. The crabs are flown in fresh from the Barents Sea and are wonderfully prepared, a real treat.

My neighbours at the table this evening are Vladimir Rybalchenko Junior and Anton, the two are businessmen from St. Petersburg. Vladimir and his father run the lodge; they spend this week with us.

FISHING DAY 4, 26.06.2013

Today I begin at Reindeer pool, where I hook no salmon except some brook trouts. Hugo is at the Swan Lake pools and the inlet.

I have no success in the morning, also not at the 2nd waterfall, where on the whole, I was not happy. The pool itself is impressive and very deep, but the water has backwashes everywhere and is turning. The contact with the fly isn't really possible. However, large salmon are caught here every year.

Hugo catches another one at Swan Lake, and in the afternoon I land a 17 pounder at the Rynda Canyon Outlet.

In the evening at Rocks Island I catch a salmon and lose three.

FISHING DAY 5, 27.06.2013

In the morning, I start at the home pool on the other side. Hugo has the same idea, I let him go first. We go to race pool, beyond the home pool – and there I experience my great moment. Within one and a half hours I catch four salmon, including a male with 22 pounds, and lose yet another.

In the afternoon, I catch another 14 pounder at Rocky Island and another fish at the Bouchers Place. At the end of this pool, I hook a real trophy, which spooled over 100 metres off my line. After several jumps and another long escape I am caught on a rock with my line and have to cut off.

Once again, I go for my evening session to the Race pool and find another one on hitch. Seven salmon in a single day – great! The day for Hugo was just as good: he caught five salmon.

The weather is so beautiful like the previous days. It is 30 degrees, the sun burns the whole day into the water, and its temperature rises to 18 degrees. Not ideal conditions for salmon fishing – for us, an exceptional day! Hugo and I assume that it must have been a good day, but this was not the case. 15 salmon in total are caught, and Hugo and I, 12 pieces! The double Switzerland – Austria is indeed good in the race….

FISHING DAY 6, 28.06.2013

On the last day, we are flown to the Zolotaya River, a beautiful river, which is located 12 km as the crow flies from the Rynda and is about as half as large.

At Peters Pocket, I catch a 12 pounder. Several small pockets bring nothing to me. Before the Zolotaya pool, at Pool Jeremy, I hook a trophy, which I unfortunately lose after two or three minutes. Hugo catches a salmon at the Russian pool.

For lunch, we meet with Hugo and Sascha at Zolotaya Camp, where we eat together. Afterwards I go downstream. I leave out the well-known Russian pool; Hugo is once again there after eating. The pools downstream are rather mediocre because of the low water level and the weak flow. // This day is the best day of fishing for the lodge as a whole. There was little sun at the Rynda today, the water and outside air temperature cooled down. 24 salmon are caught. Kurt catches the biggest fish of the week with 25 pounds.


This week on the Rynda on 12 rods, 95 salmon were caught. The weather was less than optimal: it was warm and sunny, and the temperature rose to 17 degrees. The heaviest fish was 25 pounds. My personal result is a 22 pound salmon and 20 fish, together with Hugo’s 20 salmon, we had the best rods.

Apart from fishing, I felt very comfortable in the pleasant group. We all got along very well together and enjoyed the excellent food. It looks as if some of them will come back.

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Seite 31 - 21.-30. JUNI 2013: RUSSIA, KOLA: RYNDA


If you asked a saltwater fly fisherman what his favourite fish is, you get the same answer very often: The Tarpon! What makes the tarpon so special? On the one hand it is a beautiful fish – with its huge, silver scales, his massive build and his standing upwards mouth, looks almost as if he wasn't a saltwater fish.

In addition, he is an elegant and very fast swimmer. Anyone who has ever hooked a tarpon on fly, will never forget the long, fast quick escapes and the towering, acrobatic jumps. The bites are often very delicate, but often also rough. Often a necessary strong Strip strike ends with burns on ones fingers.

A good strike is important, because the mouth of a tarpon is hard. Also, the right time is crucial for the recovery rate; the fish needs time to turn off, just so the hook can penetrate into the soft corner of the mouth.

It is absolute madness: fish up to 40 pounds are called “baby tarpon”. From 100 pounds, one speaks of a “giant tarpon” or in Spanish a “sabalo gigante”! Most of the tarpons are in the Caribbean: in Florida, Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize, etc. Prize tarpons you will find on the west coast of Africa in Angola, for example.


I have decided at short notice to make a trip to the Caribbean. In Cuba, I would like to catch my own great tarpon, (secretly I dream of course of a prize tarpon). My flight with Condor from Innsbruck via Frankfurt goes directly to Havana in just under 10 hours.

When I arrive at the airport in Havana, I am greeted by a tour guide and taken to the VIP-lounge. There I meet Rodolfo of Casa Batida (fishing boats, guiding, etc. in Cuba). I have agreed to at the time of booking, that I would stay a night in Havana and very early in the morning fly 50 minute further to Cayo Santa Maria.

From 9:00 a.m. on my first day I should be fishing. At the airport, Rodolfo tells me, that there are problems with the availability of guides on Saturday, and unfortunately, I can only begin fishing on Sunday. I am totally pissed off and disappointed. Phone calls and e-mail with the trip organiser “Where wise men fish” also doesn’t help. There they blame the people on site. // Later I notice, that all the guides were out on Saturday. The Cubans have sold my booking on Saturday to two Englishman, which extended from the previous week.

But I will not let it spoil my Cuban experience. It is already midnight, by the time I get to the hotel in Havana – I did not see much. I am dog tired and fall into the bed. The next day on the way from the hotel to the airport, I am able to take a few photos from the car. – It is just how you would imagine Cuba: some decades back.

Few countries cause so many pictures in my head like Cuba. Havana is not uniform like many other large cities due to its location and the particular political situation. // The cityscape is fascinatingly beautiful, and at the same time, one wonders how there can be a controlled life here. So much has been broken, destroyed, collapsed. Other things are colourful, bright, and beautiful.

An aficionado like me realises this, but in my heart all I want to see is the water where the Tarpons are waiting for us … (Picture:


So I have to spend the Saturday in the hotel resort without fishing – and this has a good side: I meet a Berlin couple that are here for Tarpon fishing and I become friends with Petra and Volker Ney. The two are very nice, and we spend the time before and after fishing in funny company.


In total, there are six anglers in Cayo Santa Maria this week: Petra, Volker, I and three Russian anglers. // We drive about 15 minutes from the hotel to the Marina every day at 7:00 a.m. There, we meet the guides, who are ready to start the boat. My guide is called Manuel, he is a little older and speaks not a word of English. I unveil my Italian and Spanish knowledge, and it works somehow!

According to our guides, it makes little sense to fish in the flats, because, at the moment, there are hardly any fish. The fish are in deeper water outside in the canals. This means that we do not fish from sight but suspicion in the 3-10 metres deep water.

The preferred unit for this is a Helios 2, line class 12 with a Lamson Vanquish with sink line. It is a real challenge for the wrist and shoulder to throw long casts all day with a 12. // Occasionally, when we fish in three to four metres deep and the fish jump and roll, I start using the 10-loop with intermediate. Then it feels to me that I am holding nothing in my hand because the size 10 feels so lightweight.

When we go out on the first morning, we see tarpons jumping. This gives me a motivation kick! Unfortunately, there are quite high winds and waves. But luck is on my side: After 20 minutes I have a bite and hook successfully my first tarpon with 50-60 pounds! Now I also know what it’s like to play a tarpon.

The first 10-15 minutes will be crucial. The tarpon jumps up to two metres out of the water and often several times in a row! My play lasts 30 minutes. Unfortunately, there is no photo, because the guide lifts the fish out of the water and the hook releases. Never mind, what counts is the fish; I have no photo, but I have the film, and I'll catch more…

The first two days, I catch two tarpons with up to 35 pounds and lose another three fish. I am totally satisfied with the result. Initially, it is not good for Volker and Petra. On the second day, they have three bites, but cannot land a fish. Vadill and his two friends, our Russian fishing colleagues, have no bite.


Full of self-confidence and optimism I am looking forward to the next fishing days. But with fishing, it’s sometimes like a roller coaster: there are three full days without tarpon! I have a really bad run, it doesn’t want to happen.

Two days I have only a red snapper and a Ladyfish, but not a single tarpon bite. One of the Russians catches a 100 pound plus tarpon, the other two go home empty-handed.Petra and Volker are the stars these days. Volker has several bites every day and also brings four tarpons into the boat. Petra catches on this day her first tarpon and can be rightly be proud.

On the fourth fishing day in the last fishing hour, I am next to Petra and Volker and see how Volker plays a tarpon. After half an hour of play, I am catching up to film him. It goes on and on, altogether one hour and 5 minutes of play until Volker is totally exhausted when he gets his 100 pounds plus-tarpon giant in the boot, I film it. This evening Volker and Petra are glowing and are rightly proud.


In the morning, I catch a red snapper, a ladyfish and a tarpon with 40 pounds with the fly which Volker has given me the day before. // We switch to the channel before the bridge and fish in about seven or eight metres depth. The water is very clear, and we see some huge tarpons roll, including two real giants, which pass under the boat. The motivation is high and the mood very promising.

First, we are still anchored due to the wind, and as it calms down, Manuel hoists the anchor. I see a few fish flashing in the deep water, so I cast there, let the fly sink and start to strip.

Shortly before the boat, I see several fish around my fly. There is a hard bite. But I know now that there are no tarpons, because I saw the fish. Then I catch a great Jack Crevalle on Volker’s fly. It has proven itself as a lucky charm, but it is finished finally, and I am forced to change to a bunny black purple.

Again, tarpons pass through under the boat. It is the first day with clear water, also the day of full moon. I have three, four throws after the Jack Crevalle then a brutal bite. I set a hard line strike and burn my fingers through the finger shield.

A few seconds after the tarpon comes up, Manuel calls: “Giant tarpon!” My heart almost stops when I see only a few feet away from the boat the fish in full size jump from the water. First, I'm nervous and afraid to lose the fish, because I really want to land him.

Petra and Volker are nearby, watch and already know certainly that I have a giant on. The fish jumps seven, eight times, then he becomes quieter and I am hopeful and certain. I play him 55 minutes with my 12 series and then I land my first giant tarpon!



Our daughter Anna is seven years old and since last autumn in school. So we need to arrange our family vacation in coordination with Anna's holiday periods. For the Easter holiday from 22 March to 2 April 2013, we have chosen Desroches Island in the Seychelles. The island is located about 250 km from the main island of Mahé situated in the Indian Ocean and is reachable only by plane.

Desroches Island is quite newly developed; the management is in the hands of a South African group and the leading personal are mainly from South Africa. The deep-sea fishing is running professionally under the leadership of “Cast Away”.

The island is a paradise for holidaymakers who are looking for luxury and relaxation, but also a top fishing destination. Desroches is located in the middle of an atoll; the fishing is second to none. Due to the isolated location and the shallows, there is virtually no commercial fishing.

A family vacation in which the fly fishing does not suffer as a result – the perfect combination! For me it is the first time that I fish in saltwater with a fly, and I am excited. I know from my colleagues: saltwater fishing is the superlatives what concerns fighting power and aggressiveness of the fish.

The journey is exhausting: we fly from Munich to Dubai, where we stay nearly four hours in the middle of the night. Then we fly in four-and-a-half hours to Mahè, the main island of the Seychelles. From there we wait another two hours in the hotel’s lounge and then fly 50 minutes in a smaller plane to Desroches.

We are welcomed by the management and taken to our accommodation. Our beach villa is a dream: we have a private beach with lagoon! The Bonefish are standing 20 metres or so away from the Villa. Food, service and atmosphere are top-class; we can highly recommend the island for holiday makers. // In the evening we go to sleep right after eating, we are exhausted after the long journey and sleep wonderfully in the four-poster bed with mosquito net.

Just after sunrise, I get up and fix up an eighth rod. First I try a few blind casts; after the fifth, sixth throw I have a bite. The fish immediately pulls the complete line from the reel and ten metres in the backing. Soon, I see that I have a Bonefish on the hook. How can a fish with about 2 pounds have so much power? And the speed with which these Bonefish go off – amazing! Before breakfast I've landed five Bonefish and am totally excited.

On this trip, I want to spend time especially with my family. My wife knows and tolerates my passion, and I book in consultation with her a big boat for two full and two half days.


We go with the boat to St. Joseph Island approximately 27 miles away. One way takes only 50 minutes with the fast boats (2 × 300 hp outboard engines). David, a South African is on the boat and we share the cost.

Around St. Joseph and the neighbouring islands with picture-book-flats there are normally many bones, and a healthy population of Indo-Pacific permits. Head guide Cameron tells me that many fishermen have come for years only because of the permits, which are difficult to get, because they usually quickly pull through the flats and you rarely get a good cast off opportunity. They are extremely shy and look very good.

We are in the warmest season here, and unfortunately we soon notice that no bones are on the flats, instead blacktip reef shark, lemon shark, many rays and sea turtles. Actually, we planned to catch really many bones. We see permits over and over again, but they never let us get close enough to them. This adds excitement.

I film tailing permits feeding in the turtle grass, a beautiful experience. But somehow, it seems that they feel our presence, because they keep always at a sufficient distance. When I was nearly at casting distance, they move off again. A damned thing really. The Guide explains the high temperature is the cause of the missing bones. We fish outgoing tide and later also incoming tide. But the bones stay away.

We decide to give up and go back to our boat. Shortly before the boat I see a permit at about 30 metres distance. Then he disappears again. // Shortly afterwards, Cameron sees two permits 20 metres away. The wind is good; therefore I can cast optimally to the larger of the two on the first cast. I let the Crabfly fall first and start slowly to feed more line out. The permit comes and follows my fly. My heart almost stops, by coming closer; I see how big the fish is. He doesn’t take it and turns away slowly. But he did not notice us, and both fish eat undisturbed. We can still see them well, and they come back into cast distance. The wind is not strong but comes now from the side. I cast my fly, and it ends up not optimally stretched and too far to the right of the permits. As soon as the fly immerses, I notice my luck. The flow of the incoming tide is exactly in the direction of the permits, and I let the Crabfly swing in the direction towards the fish. I then assume that I am in front of the nose of the larger fish and start to strip the line. Immediately he swims after it and takes it. Now it goes off.

It seems to me that my reel will flip over. What a powerful machine and what speed! After three, four minutes the power is gone, and the permit swims around only in a circle around us. Cameron is even more nervous, and wants that I land the permit. He explains to me that I should not use too much pressure. Permits have a soft mouth, and we don’t want to slice the fish.

Another danger: A lemon shark floats behind our fish and wants to attack. Cameron interrupts filming. David comes with his guide, and they help us scare away the shark. // The day seems to run, and it looks as if I am really lucky. On the first day from the second serious cast I land a magnificent permit with about 6-7 kilos! I am totally pleased, he is fascinatingly beautiful.


I have booked half a day, four-and-a-half hours, offshore with the boat “Predator” and I look forward to it. We trawl two Teasers always parallel to the drop-off in 40-60 metres. After five minutes, we see the first attack on one of the teasers, then on the second one.

The skipper and the guide pull back the teaser, and I cast my fly and keep eye contact with her. Kyle, the guide, already knows that it is the bonitos that are attacking the teaser. I have my first offshore fish on the hook, a bonito with 4-5 kilos. And I find out again, how brutal the bite is and what strength saltwater fish have. The bonito is filleted and the fillets are placed on the teaser. In the meantime, I am more confident and understand how thing works.

“Wahoo!” shouts Kyle, and I can see the fish with the teaser in its mouth jumping out of the water. Then an attack follows on the second teaser. I cast my fly again and see a flash shooting through the water directly at my fly. The strip strike was a devout wish. The bite and the first escape are so aggressive that I burn a finger with the fly line. However, I land my first Wahoo. A great experience! This morning, we still have some attacks on the teaser. I catch another bonito, and that was about it.


I share half a day with David on the boat, and we go offshore. The fever got us! We want to get the biggest. The day before, two Englishmen caught two sails and a yellow fin tuna. // We change over at 30-minute intervals. We don’t have to wait long for the bonitos. We catch at the same time three pieces and keep one for the fillets to equip the teaser.

We have constantly attacks on the teaser, but these are wahoo and they attack the teaser very aggressively and notice that there is foul play. // After one hour, Kyle reports a sail, then a second. Two sails attack the teaser, a great show. My fly is in the water, the teasers are drawn. As my fly is at the level of the teaser, I have the first bite, but cannot hook it.

Then the next bite, the sail comes from the side, and I can feel really well how the hook is in his mouth. Then it goes off! The reel screams, and the sail jumps four times completely out of the water. After two minutes, with the last jump, he gets off. I am totally disappointed, but motivated to get another bite. // We never have to wait long. Every 10 minutes there is activity with the teasers. This morning, we still catch bonitos, and David has the same chance as I: sails are close to the boat. But he cannot hook one.


I have booked a full day tour with boat and crew for me alone. Today it must work – I want a sail or otherwise something else big. // In the morning, we go back to St. Joseph. There we try our luck and hope that bones are on the flats. But we see only a few fish.

I can hook one, but immediately lose it after the first flight. We realize that it is more sensible to fish offshore, because the flats are almost empty. It goes towards flood tide. // We immediately catch again bonitos and put them on our teaser. After five minutes, I already have the first attack. A wahoo pulls 100 metres from the reel, and then he gets off the hook.

Half an hour later I have my sail fish chance again: two sails behind the boat! I hook one, but it does not sit right on the hook and in seconds the sail has shaken it off. My fly is still in the water, and a sail is still behind the boat. One more chance, but I cannot hook it again properly. I am done with my nerves and am angry.

It is almost four o'clock in the afternoon and since 70 minutes nothing serious happens. Guide Kyle decides to move to a different location. I have another sail chance there, but I won't talk about it…

Shortly afterwards, it goes off! A dog-tooth tuna takes my fly, and my reel almost overturns. Kyle calls to me: “Very big doggy!” And I answer: “He unwinds me! “ The tuna strips me short of 400 metres of backing, on his first run off! Now, however, he has turned away, luckily.

I have my hands full, to keep in contact and coil as quickly as I possibly can. The fight lasts nearly 40 minutes, and in the end it is only pumps and more pumping. When the doggy comes up, however, I only see what a massive thing I caught! The fish weighs between 50 and 60 kilos and is nearly 1.4 metres in length.

Unfortunately, however, we must go back, because we are 90 minutes away from Desroches. What a pity! I am highly motivated and I would have liked to get something on the hook. // During the ride home, about 15 minutes before Desroches, I see sea gulls and fish jump from the water. Kyle turns the boat and goes there. I suspect dolphins and straight away I take the camera. Soon I see that there are tuna, hunting the bait fish. The water is boiling of small fish, which splash from the water. Yellow fin tunas and bonitos! We have an attack, and a fish takes my fly. Unfortunately, it is only a bonito, which gives me a tough fight. He is hooked at the side, we notice just before the boat. Nervousness comes back when a big tuna wants to take my bonito. The tuna sees us and gives up his plan.

Again the fish splash only just out of the water. Kyle thinks these are GTs or kingfish. I cast my fly and it goes off. I catch another yellow spot kingfish with approximately 9-10 kilos.What a way to end! I am grateful to the guides for the successful day.


On Desroches I occasionally go fishing on our beach in front of the Restaurant and catch many bone fish. // I am fascinated by the fish in the salt water! I will certainly repeat this after this unbelievable experience with.





Once again, the last week on the Rio Grande was incredibly beautiful, the fishing there is just extraordinary. In addition, I was lucky with the weather – as in all my travels. You can get used to finding clear rivers and optimum water level… // Actually, it is a risk to change the fishing spot after such a successful week and to fish a completely different famous species, the Golden Dorado. It’s a shame that my friend Georg couldn’t come with us. He was trying to get a flight, but it did not work out. His decision came just too late.

Argentina is an impressive country considering the expansion and landscape. At the Rio Grande, I experienced a cold week, wearing winter clothing and freezing. // Now I fly to the north of Argentina, to the province of Esquina/Corrientes and there it will be up to 35°C and subtropical climate. Accordingly, I have a lot of luggage this time. Georg took home a part of it, which makes the trip for me far more pleasant.


At the airport in Rio Grande there are problems. For some strange reason my luggage cannot be checked in through to Residencia, and all this with only one hour transit time in Buenos Aires. All discussions don’t help me; I am angry, because I already suspect that it will not work out.

And so it happens. In Buenos Aires, I am waiting for an hour at the carousel. The connecting flight is gone of course. I hope that the flight to Residencia is delayed, like so many flights in Argentina, unfortunately this does not happen.

After a long back and forth I rent a taxi for the ten hours’ drive north, for a whopping 400 USD, rather than waiting for a flight the next day. At midnight, I arrive in Esquina. Augusto, the owner of the Estancia La Pelada picks me up, and we drive a further half hour to the Lodge. It is midnight and still very warm and humid and the insects are active, less mosquitoes but otherwise everything that is crawling and flying. // We discuss how my first fishing day will begin, then after the gruelling journey I just want to go to bed. I'm totally done.

The lodge is very tastefully decorated in colonial style and is in an idyllic location right on the Rio Corrientes. The food is excellent. Augusto is a very nice, interesting guy and fulfils his customers' every wish. We are always together at the table, and so I find out a lot about Argentina and have great entertainment. Who wants to fish at Corrientes or Paraná on Dorados, is best housed in the Estancia la Pelada, with its 5,000 acres of land and over 5,000 cattle.


At breakfast at 7 a.m., I meet our guide Nacho. He can barely speak English, so I speak a little Italian, and we cope just fine. Our boat is perfectly equipped and is located at the boat landing directly below the Lodge. 115 HP engine and an electric motor with sufficient space, remote control to keep the boat from drifting. Very professional. Nacho checks my equipment and my selfmade giant flies. He explains the fishing to me, we assemble a rod and then we go.

My plan is to fish in the Corrientes the first two or three days and then the Delta and the Rio Paranã. The Paranã and the Delta are currently not really fishable: The water colour is a pale chocolate brown and highly segmented. That doesn't sound ideal. I have read in my travel preparations that the Paranã is known for particularly large dorados, and this is why I really want to go there.

The water is not very clear at the Corrientes, but it turns out that for this time of the year it is still fine. Up to 50 cm is visible, not much more. The water colour is light brown but not necessarily segmented. We drive about two kilometres upstream and stop.

The fishing tactics remains more or less always the same. We usually fish from the boat. Nacho keeps the boat at about 15-20 meters distance parallel to the shore, and we drift with the current. I cast close to the steeply sloping banks; 10 cm are ideal. We are looking for places where the water has movement and flow. Dorados love the flow and are happy where there are many obstacles in the moving water.

The bite is 90 % in a fraction of a second after the fly lands with a splash. I fish partly with 20 cm flies, they make the right noise. The dorados are at the bottom of the drop-off, the splash triggers the attack. You have to be prepared straight away for a line strip, best two, three times. Everything happens really fast. // The most impressive thing about fishing for dorados is definitely the bite. The attack and the bite are fast and brutal. At least every second fish you lose in the first few seconds. The mouth of a dorado is rock hard. I have flies with Tiemco 600SP and Owner AKI Saltwater hooks in size 2/0 to 5/0

A good start: after the fifth cast, the first attack! The bite I more or less missed, because it came so quickly after the splash and I was not prepared for a hard hook strip. Five minutes later, I cast into a quiet inlet of the river and my guide laughs. Where the water stands and is barely a current, the piranhas stand. Yes, and so I start with a piranha which destroys my fly completely. Very interesting: One does not see the razor-sharp teeth of the piranhas at first; they are hidden.

Then finally my first dorado. Cast, land with a splash and attack! By the first strip strike, the fish is pulling with brute force through my fingers – through a burn, I learn my lesson. Be careful, or wear finger strips. // On this day, I catch six more Golden Dorados, but only up to 2.5 kilos, so rather Doradillos. // The evening return journey leads our boat at sunset by hundreds of birds. All kinds of migratory birds make rest in this area in large swarms. A breathtaking play of nature.


After breakfast at 6 a.m. we start upstream. Not a good day: I have many bites, but cannot utilize them. But one will have to resign himself to it probably with dorado fishing. Five Dorados and a few piranhas, that’s all. Besides, it is extremely hot and almost calm. In the evening, I am slightly sunburnt.


My plan, to fish the Paraná or the Delta, makes little sense. The guide is continuously in contact with his colleagues in Esquino, assessing the fishing prospects as very low. Better we stay at the Corrientes. The waters of the Paraná has become even worse, it is not really fishable. A disappointment, I would have loved it – now it has got me with even with sub-optimal water conditions. // In the morning we go downstream and turn into a side arm. In the middle of the river a tree trunk extends from the water: this is a top place. Nacho steers the boat in position; I manage a great cast to the best location, and immediately I have a huge attack.

I can set the hook, and the dorado jumps out of the water. Pure adrenaline rush! It is a great fish with ten kilos, and I feel from the play the strength of the fish. I swear when the fish comes off the hook after several jumps. Briefly, I am disappointed because I could not score this opportunity; but it is in my nature that I don’t give up and straight away catch fire. I am totally motivated to try it again.

In the morning, I finally catch five Golden Dorados and in the evening another six. The fish have between one and a half and five kilos. We go back to the Lodge, and I experience another stunning sunset.


As the day begins, I have a good feeling. Nacho jokes and says, today, we will catch a 20 kilo dorado. We continue downstream and begin at a location that we have fished once before. // In the first 30 minutes, I have six attacks. It’s hit after hit – but I can only land two small ones. An exceptional start to the day. Then all of a sudden, it’s finished, we have no bites at the next places. Two small Doradillos, which is all that I have caught this morning.

In the afternoon we head further downstream, to a place where it looks promising. // Suddenly I have a huge strike. And once again the fish pulls so strongly that I lightly burn my finger. I felt the force, I have powerful pressure on the rod – and then the fish is gone!

100 Metres below this point, the same game again. This time however, the dorado hangs firmly on the hook and jumps out of the water several times. A huge fish, with perhaps 15 kilos, as Nacho says. After three, four minutes play, I am confident to land the fish, he seems to be well hooked and is slowly getting tired. Once again, I'm stuck almost in the boat engine, then I get out and go on shore. I land the fish myself with the hand! Great, I finally have a real Golden! He is about 90 cm long and approximately 12 kilos.


A visit at the Lodge: Oskar Dono, together with Justi owner of the fishing travel organization FLY FISHING PATAGONIA. I have booked this trip and several before it with this agency. // Oskar lives in Buenos Aires and Bariloche. He takes care of the fishing operations in Argentina and organized hunting in Esquina. Justi is American and brings American fisherman to Patagonia.

We fish together and have great fun. Since Justi is on board, nothing more happens. In the morning, we catch only three Dorados together. Perhaps we blather too much or the boat is shaking too much, and we scare the fish away with loud laughter. //So far, I have seen no Caymans on the River, even though there are many. In the side arms of the river and in the lagoons, they should be found. Augustin proposes to make a small safari during the lunch break. Awesome! Caymans, capiwaras, antelopes, emus and many, many birds, also colibris, come in front of the lens. A brilliant idea, especially in the company of Augustin.

In the evening, we go downstream and catch two dorados. We then drive approximately two hours to the Delta and the Paranã. The Delta is 200 kilometres long and 40 kilometres wide. There the abundance of fish is enormous: dorados, sabalos, palometas, piranhas, surubi (a kind of catfish) and pacu, to name the most important, live there.

I can fish in the side arms because there the water quality is still satisfactory. However, piranhas and palometas dismantle the flies after the row.// Where the Corrientes and the Paranã merge, I see with my own eyes that the Paranã is not currently fishable. It comes from Brazil and is approximately 2,000 kilometres long. Impressively broad and gigantic.

I say good-bye to guide Nacho, who did his job very well. We had a lot of laughs. He will remain with the boat in Esquina.


Today's my last day of fishing with Oskar Dono. In the afternoon is my return flight; still a few hours. The new boat is also not optimal, because it has no electric motor. Augustin brings the new boat to the water and we say our goodbyes with “Buena Suerte! Oskar knows the river well. First, we continue upstream and fish a known place. There I immediately have a bite, but I cannot exploit.

Then we go to a place where we go ashore. Oskar shows me a few places, where you can cast well from the shore. Looks great, and we do not understand why we have no bite. Then there is a cast opportunity, in direction to a sunken tree. I am somehow familiar, I remember the dorado that I lost. The place looks pretty damn similar.

First cast, successful, one metre drift and Bingo! I have again a great Golden on the hook. Straight away we see the dorado jump, and we see that it is a great fish. After six, seven minutes with the help of Oskar, I land a dorado with approximately nine kilograms and 85 cm in length.

So lucky, and on the last day! It is eleven o'clock, and I decide to finish up. I cannot top this fish. I want to pack in peace and prepare myself for the return journey. A great week here at the La Pelada Lodge is about to end.



Caught by the Rio Grande fever, I am again on the way to South America. The only downside is the long journey. However, from experience one is wise – this time I take a Lufthansa direct flight from Frankfurt to Buenos Aires. A real improvement!

I have convinced Georg Marberger to go on this trip with me. We naturally met during fishing: I have a yearly fishing license on part of the Ötztal Ache, a great stretch of river with strong river trout and rainbow trout stock. We are meeting on 25th January in Buenos Aires. Georg comes with Air France to Argentina. We spend the afternoon with a stroll through town, we grant ourselves for the welcoming with a delicious Argentinian steak and a few glasses of good Malbec. The next day we fly to Rio Grande. At the airport, the guides await us and take us to Maria Behety Lodge.

Bad news: The fishing was quite difficult in the days before our arrival despite good water level. An unusual heat wave with temperatures up to 30 degrees, heated the water up very quickly, and that wasn’t very good for the Sea Runs. They were not particularly motivated to attack the fly.

The water is almost clear and the water level slightly higher than the year before. At first glance, it seems that the conditions are not bad. What we need most of all is a constant water temperature. // At the Lodge we meet our fishing colleagues for this week. Except for Georg and me, they are mainly Americans, two Irish and two Englishmen.



Sunday morning! Finally – after the long journey we start. At 07:30hr we drive with guide Andrew to pool 25 Theresa, where it is going off; fishes roll wherever you look. The wind has an estimated 70 km/h, not so comfortable.

It takes an hour, and then I catch the first, with 6 pounds, not a particularly great sea run, but still. Shortly after that I lose one. Alson Georg loses shortly before landing a better fish. // In the evening we drive upstream to Pool 5 Gringa and Pool 6 Record. The top places shares the EMB lodge with the KAU Tapen Lodge.

From the last year I have no good memories of the pools located upstream. The river is quite narrow with approximately 30 metres, and so I decide to fish with the single handed rod. The correct decision: I catch five sea trouts, Georg lands one. The fish with 5 to 7 pounds are generally rather small for the Rio Grand


In the morning Miguel, a new guide, welcomes us; it is his first year at the Behety Lodge, but before that he had experience at other lodges on the Rio Grande. In the morning, we are divided at the Pools 11 Nirvana and 12 Barda. Nirvana has a reputation as a great pool, but today we have no luck. We see no activity and also have no bite. It looks as if the fish have left the pool and moved further upstream.

In the evening, we then fish pool 15 Castor and Pecera. Georg a catches small sea run, I have a “Potato Day” – in other words, zero.


Today we fish at 22 Pool Andrew, with another new guide, Gabi. I have the best memories of Andrew: Last year, I landed 11 fabulous fish here in just one morning and crowning a 26.5 pound sea run. Is it any wonder: I love this pool and it reminds me of course of the top places. And it is as expected! The bites come in the same place as the year before, although the water level is higher.

The wind is strong and comes sideways to the direction of the cast. I have to cut the wind with an overhead cast at strong angle in the direction of water to get to the shore on the other side where the drop-off is. Then it's hit after hit! I catch five sea runs with up to 17 pounds and lose 3 more in the play. // George, who has little experience in casting with the double handed rod, does not manage with the conditions so well and is kept short: He cannot get to the good places on the other side and, therefore, cannot hook anything.

In the evening we go to space 26 Pool Largo, where the river actually is slow. However, the fish are rolling on the other side of the river. I saw nothing, Georg catches a Sea run. That's it for this evening.


Today we fish with head guide Federico – which can only be a good day! The wind is extreme and even becomes stronger. We have to fight, in some cases with 70 km/h; the local weather report forecasts a storm.

Nevertheless, I have a great bite and an extremely strong play with long flights. That’s suspicious. I land a 14 pound sea run hooked on the side, and Georg catches a sea run. Sometimes you just have bad luck and only hook small fish. // There is a large barbecue lunch at the Estancia Maria Behety together with the guests of the La Villa Lodge. The food is something to be proud of: a large starter buffet, then lamb, pork, beef and chicken from the grill – excellent!

All the others tell of their good catches in the morning, while we come to lunch with disappointing results. We hope all the more for the evening session. The hope lives – because, unfortunately the prospects are modest: we have not a particularly popular pool for the evening; this puts pressure on the mood.

Our trump card is head guide Federico. Spontaneously he changes the plan, and we travel to the excellent evening place 31, Pool Horseshoe. I remember my great successes at Horseshoe and I am sure to hook something.

This place is extremely difficult to fish: the soil is clay and very slippery, and on the banks there is a 90 degree sloping fissure. The water is three to five metres, the current pushes strongly on the edge. Everything reminds me of the last year. I bring my small streamer on depth and I succeed in hooking two fish and lose one in the play. The difficult circumstances are not in Georg ‘s favour, and Horseshoe denies him a bite.

Then we change to place 32, Pool Banquero. Federico shows Georg the place and how it should be fished. Meanwhile, I turn and switch to a lighter shot head fly. On the second reel I hook a 14 pound sea run which has extreme bite marks from a sea lion. After sunset, when it is dark, the sensation: Georg and I have a double run! What a way to end this adventurous day.


Guide Patrick welcomes us today with the message that we are going to have a storm and wind really roaring around the ears. And he should be right. At place 20, Pool Cabbezoni and Bocca, Quieto wind speeds are of up to 80 km/h and gusts of 100 km/h! However, the wind plays in our favour, the cast distance is gigantic. At the same time with the strong wind, it is even colder. I have just a bite, but we both land no fish. The same happens to our colleagues in the lodge. Nobody lands a fish except Doug.

In the afternoon the wind increases. Some in the group have doubts as to whether we should even go out. But the fighting spirit always wins eventually; no one wants to leave the bad results from this morning, and then in the afternoon we all go out.

On place 18 nothing at all happens at first. Georg finishes early, and I stay and catch a sea run with 6 pounds. So for me no zero round or “Potato Day”, as one says here.


With Genaro, the sunny boy, we drive to the promising place 30, Pool Moneta, which had brought good fish the whole week. Right at the beginning, Georg hooks a super fish. I leave the fishing and film him, in the hope that he can land this beautiful fish. Unfortunately, shortly before landing he loses it and a little later another one.

And then I have hit after hit! I have found just the right place for me: in a row I catch fish with 7, 11, 14, 13, and 16 pounds and lose two more.. The evening session is at place 16. I have a sea run on the hook, and again, a good one, that I lose.

Georg has bad luck. 30 metres away from me he is fighting with a really great fish, that jumps three, four times completely out of the water, not even five metres in front of him. We see the fish very close – it is a sea run with over 20 pounds. But unfortunately, Georg loses the fighting fish; in a jump it shakes the hook off. It's a shame – it would be the biggest fish of the week!


Fishing was first class this week on the Rio Grande; a really, really great experience. The strong wind is simply a part of the Rio Grande; otherwise, we were lucky with the weather: there was hardly any rain and it was also not as cold as 2012. A little haunted by bad luck, Georg has developed admirable fighting spirit. In the spring, he wants to make a two hand cast course, to prepare him better to return to the Rio Grande. He still has an open account.

It was a really good time, also together with the colleagues from our group. Rio Grande – 2014 I will come again!



On November 22, I fly from Innsbruck at 6:20 p.m. to Frankfurt and from there at 10.20 p.m. on the dot, to Buenos Aires, where I arrive the next morning at 8 a.m. before the scheduled landing time. Everything runs smoothly, the check-in is completed within 45 minutes.

For the drive to the national airport Newberry, I take a taxi. Under one hour this is not possible, we need 80 minutes because there is heavy traffic. Not a problem, as my flight is delayed two hours, and so we start only at 5 p.m. Three hours later we arrive in El Calafate, a taxi takes me to the hotel, the long journey is over.


Diego, Pollo – Guide 2
Cook: Augustin, Helpers: Sebastian

4 Americans: Opa: Lynn, Father: Zacharias
Son: David, friend: Durk


Head guide Diego picks us up at 8.30 a.m., we travel to Lake Jurassic. The journey takes nine hours with two breaks and presents itself as a real strain. Just before 6 p.m. we arrive.

After unpacking, we set off down to the lake – and already a 5-6 kilo trout swims past! Three, four casts later with the Wooly Bugger, the first Rainbow with about five kilos strongly pulls the line from the reel. This motivates me, I fish two and a half hours more and catch up to eight rainbow up to six, seven kilos. // I film the whole time with the Go Pro – but the memory card is full, I'm really upset.


In the morning, it is quite cold, the wind is moderate, at noon it's sunny. And there I burn my lips because again I forgot to put sunscreen on.

I spend the morning on the spit, and then in the Bay. The Bay is full of fish, and I catch more than 100 Rainbows between one and nine kilos. The best fish is 80cm, Diego takes a super photo. // In the afternoon I go to a large pool on the river upstream. I catch fish there again in all sizes.


At 6.30 a.m. I am already on the river and fish about 25 rainbows. After breakfast, I go with Diego up to the Barrancoso, where I catch many small fish, but also some with three kilos. In the afternoon, at the spit, I catch five large chromigen, one with seven kilos.

Then I march off up to the waterfall up the Barrancoso. There I fish with dry flies, on the way back I take the Glo Bug. I have in each bag very many fish; in every turn I catch more. A day with well over 100 fish from the river some with up to seven kilos.


In the morning, I try on the lake with a Glo Bug, which does not work. Before breakfast, I catch at the spit again some rainbow with up to five kilos. Then I go with Diego in the gorge – this means one hour really strenuous hiking, but it's worth it. The gorge is really beautiful. Once there I catch many small fish but also another up to seven kilos again.

At the large pool in the river, I catch approximately 10 rainbow between three and seven kilos. In the evening, I stay on the lake till 10 p.m. and catch fish hit after hit up to five kilos.


In the morning, I am on the lake in the bay in totally calm winds with rare light breezes. The water is for the most part as smooth as glass. I catch some fish with the Wooly Bugger with up to six kilos. After breakfast, I go back upstream to the Barrancosa, where I lose some big fish, because I cannot keep hold of them in the current. At the large pool, I catch again many Rainbows with up to six kilograms.

In the afternoon, I decide because of the calm wind to try from the left side of the bay in the shallower water. With the nymph, I catch some fish, but only up to four kilos.

After that, mass fishing in the estuary is announced; occasional all five anglers are playing at the same time, and I catch 40-50 fish with up to eight kilos. During the twilight hours I still fish around the island so from bay to spit and with the Wooly Bugger I catch still seven fish, of which a Chromo with eight kilos.


There is almost no wind in the morning, I try at the spit, and then further to the left. Until breakfast, I catch ten rainbows with up to six kilos. Then I stay alone in the Bay and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I get one fish after the other. The wind becomes stronger, but I also cast well in the wind, and so land up till lunch definitely 60 large rainbows. One with 85 cm, one with 88 cm and one with 92 cm, surely 11-12 kilos! Until 9 o’clock in the evening, I catch another one in very strong winds, a 85 cm rainbow with the two-handed, which is an advantage in this wind. With overhead, I reach 30 metres, and almost with every good cast is a fish. Madness!



Alaska offers so many possibilities to fish Pacific salmon, it is really difficult to decide where to go. My friend Markus Leitner and I decide to travel to Alaska at the end of August to go Silver salmon (Coho) fishing. Silver salmon is known as the aggressive among the Pacific salmon species. They also attack the fly on the surface.

After much research we have decided for the Tsiu River. The Tsiu is less well known and not very long. It flows into the Gulf in the south-east of Alaska, and originates from a glacier lake. The rise of the salmon is safe and numerous; also a few Summersteelhead drag into the river. Especially as the river is not deep and flows mostly clear, motivates us. We hope to be able to fish with floating or at the most intermediate line. The salmon are really silver, full of sea lice and coming fresh into the river. On the river, there are only two lodges which you can only reach with sea plane. We fly over Anchorage to Cordova, and from there with a small machine directly to the Lodge.

During the landing approach we see six bears. Two are in the river and catch salmon, four more we see to the side of the river and on the hills. The guides pick us up from the runway with ATV and take us to the Lodge. We had a friendly welcome and were introduced to the staff and briefed.


The Tsui River Lodge has been built only a few years ago, and you realise that everything is still new and well maintained. It is suitably furnished, the food is good for American standards, and the cabins are great. Each cabin has two bedrooms with a double bed, a living room with fireplace and bathroom with toilet. Everything is very spacious and well maintained. There is a fly tying course and a great extra is the well-heated drying and change room for waders, etc.


Every day you can ride with the ATV in the company of the guides, some of which are responsible for several anglers at the river. You can determine yourself how long you want to stay on the river.

We fish a lot with Deceivern in the colours Chartreuse and Pink and with medium-sized Bunny b Leeches. It is really interesting when the flood comes. Then extremely many Silvers move in the river, at times you standing in the middle of the salmon. At this time, we catch the salmon with Poppers at the surface. Hard to believe: the Silver salmon sometimes repeatedly attack the Popper and swim several metres to several until we hook them. Really exciting hours!

Overall, we are five days at Tsui, and I have counted 160 Silver salmon caught! How much Markus had, I could not say; he himself has forgotten to count. The average weight of the fish is four kilos; the largest, seven to eight kilos. Salmon, fresh coming in from the sea, are always very strong fish.

Sometimes we catch the salmon directly at the mouth, still in the salt water. Twice I have a sea lion on the line, which in the play, wants to steal the salmon from the hook! It is good that he always frees himself and I don’t have to cut the line. The sea lions wait at the mouth and directly before it and hunt the incoming salmons.


Bears are our constant companions. A strange feeling: You're always turning around to see what's going on behind. The guides ensure with the ATV that the bears stay away. When the bears come too close or are cheeky, the guides drive with the ATV to scare them away. Sometimes there are four, five bears around us, and we can make great pictures and videos.


There are days with continuous sunshine. Two days we fight with wind of 80 km/h, with sand from the dunes sandblasting us. A violent experience, but fishing in the storm is the best! We catch one fish after the other. One must always estimate the strong wind and rain at this place. Weather and wind cannot discourage us from fishing; at the most, we shorten the daily fishing time.

The Tsui River is a top destination for fly fishing; the lodge and fishing package has a super price/value ratio. I would recommend it to anyone and would go back straight away, if I had the desire for Silver salmon fishing.


We planned from the beginning, five days at Tsui to go fishing. Successful as we are, this is sufficient. The arms almost have enough from the playing!

At the Eyak River we had a meeting with Peter, the father of Markus, his friend Walter and a South Tyrolean couple, which we join with for another four days. // The cabins are well equipped, have several bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. – Good for self-catering! Walter cooks every day Tyrolean cuisine at its finest. It is a culinary excellence, and we understand each other very well in the large group.

The Eyak River flows mostly through the woods and in parts quite deep. Fishing there with the fly is quite good, but sometimes we need to use sinktips to reach depth. We catch 5-10 salmon per rod, per day. // What disturbs the Eyak River is the constant boat traffic. The Americans with their 200 HP Boat scoot ruthlessly with full throttle through the area. The Eyak River is easily accessible by car, and therefore many anglers are on the river. It is fished mainly with spinning lures such as spoons and jigs.



Infected by the King Salmon virus, my son Andreas and I planned a two-week trip to Alaska. A week should be pure nature, that is to say, with an inflatable boat floating on the river and then one week at a comfortable lodge.

For the first week, our choice is Lake Creek, which we wanted to follow from the origin at Chelatna Lake 100 kilometres to the river's mouth in the Yentna River. Guiding and equipment took over Frontier River Guides. For the second week, we had chosen the Talaheim Lodge on the Talachulitna River.


The flight from Frankfurt to Anchorage is over the North Pole and only takes 9 hours. Departure and arrival coincide here almost from the time – and that makes an ordinary jet lag.

Arriving in Anchorage, we are picked up and taken to Regal Air, where we meet our guides Ben and Martin. An hour later, we fly to Chelatna Lake. The lake is located directly at the foot of Mount McKinley; the images from the air are breathtaking.

The Guides prepare the boats, stow everything – and begin fishing. In summer it is never completely dark in Alaska, and so on the first day we fish extensively until two in the morning. The outlet of the *Chelatna Lak*e flows the first kilometres quite slow, but the water is crystal clear. We catch a grayling (Arctic char) one after the other.

DAY 1 - 3

We are lucky with the weather: It's raining only briefly, and then the sun comes again, and it is not cold – so really good fishing weather.

We enjoy the three days in the upper and middle reaches and fish from the boat. We are looking for particularly beautiful places for the evening camp. There we fish from the shore, mainly for trout and grayling with the dry fly and the streamer.

After we pass two passages of the Class 3, we see in the lower middle reach, the first salmon. Fishing for King salmon was banned by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game shortly before our trip. // The reason: the rise this year is as low as it has been for a very long time. There are also Red salmon in the river, and therefore we are fishing for salmon. We get several Kings on the hooks, which, of course, we all instantly throw back

DAY 3 - 5

The river is always wider. About 20 kilometres before the mouth of the Yentna River are the large pools, where the salmon are.

The pools are changing quickly into fast flowing water; after some minutes of hard play with the 10 rod the fish go in the direction of the pool outlet and then into the current. I lose two great Kings after a long play. With one, I have a real chance; he is just before the landing as the leader, in the last burst of power. The fish has definitely 25 kilos. But with the play even the mosquitoes are exhausted, nothing unfortunately has become of the great Kings.


Now it's the lower reaches. Impressive to see how the river and the surrounding area of origin change to the mouth. The last part of the river has a special attraction. Many fallen down trees are in the water, the river winds its way slowly through the landscape with countless birds and animals.

Finally, we reached the mouth. We leave the boat and go to Cotton Lodge, where we treat ourselves to a beer and wait for the pickup from a Regal Air seaplane.

We are certain that the life on the water day and night is an extraordinary experience. In addition, there is fishing for real aficionados around the clock!


After the seaplane takes us back to Anchorage we spend one night at the Millenium Hotel, the next morning the pilot from the Lodge picks us up. Four other anglers are on board. The flight only takes about 40 minutes. We have the Talchulitna River, our later fishing destination, already several times in front of our eyes.

The Lodge is in an idyllic location in a forest clearing quite close to the river. Around the main building, where you can cook and can eat, there are some small cabins. The cabins have individual bedrooms, a shared bathroom and a living room with a fireplace. Really very comfortable.

The Lodge has two helicopters and a Piper on site; so you can quickly overcome the distances. We are flown every day: to the Talachulitna River with the helicopter and to distant rivers with the airplane


On the first day, we fly to a main pool on the Talachulitna River. Around the tenth cast with the two-hand rod I have the first bite and land a King with 16 kilo – a great fish! Again, he moves from the pool in the quick water; however, I take up the pursuit and can land him, in the end. Finally, a big king! Unfortunately, Andy has no success and also no bite.


The rise this year is late and the numbers low. The guides decide in vote with us that we fly out with the Piper and fish for red salmon. Then in a small side arm of the Susitna we catch several red salmon; the guides play one of them for us. Indeed an excellent fresh red salmon!


Andy has wished for a long time, to properly catch many Pike. On the third day, we fly to Lake Alexander – and gobsmacked as we see there a Tyrolean flag. The Lodge at Lake Alexander is owned by the Swarovski family, as we found out.

Then we really catch extremely many pike, but unfortunately they were not particularly large. At Lake Alexander pikes were put in many years ago, and since then there have been no other fish. The pikes wiped out the salmon; now they are cannibals, and there is no other fish stock anymore.

DAY 4 - 5

We fly with the helicopter close to the mouth and then float from Pool to pool to the mouth. We catch there three kings and some large rainbow. Andy catches his first salmon – one of them is real major.


Dolly Yarden is on the program today. The lodge owner, Mark Miller, tells us of a higher crystal clear, small river. It should have many Dolly Yardens, if you are there – a small risk. The change appeals to us, and we decide to fly there.

The river is exceptionally beautiful. At the first pool, alone we catch with nymph in dead drift and also with many small Cristal buggers many Dollies up to 65 cm long. In many places, we can first recognize the larger specimens and specifically fish for them. Excellent conditions.


Mark Miller and the Talaheim Lodge are really to be recommended. Accommodation and food are very good as well as the price/value for money ratio. With the helicopters, it is flexible and one can go anywhere, the lodge is within walking distance of downtown from Anchorage and you have many excursion possibilities.

I find a little disturbing the limited fishing time. Meal times are specified, the fishing takes place according to schedule. Together, not more than eight hours fishing; was actually too little for us. For whom that is enough, you are well accommodated and served.



In autumn of 2011, I decide at short notice to book my next fishing trip to Argentina in February 2012. None of my fishing friends were so spontaneous, I was on my own.

A week is almost too short for South America. Therefore, I planned for first few days to fish trout in crystal clear rivers and Lakes of Patagonia and then to fly to the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego. Fortunately, I snapped up a vacant seat in one of the prime weeks. // My flight was on 13.02.2012 from Innsbruck via Frankfurt to Buenos Aires and after a night, on a domestic flight to Bariloche.


Bariloche lies wonderfully embedded in a southern Andean Valley and is surrounded by many waters. There are ski resorts there, mountain climbing, hiking, swimming and just fly fishing, and it is a popular holiday destination. Interesting detail: the name Bariloche comes from the Mapuche word Vuriloche, meaning “People, behind the mountain.”

I am picked up from the airport and in one and a half hours taken to Rio Manso Lodge. The Lodge is located in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, a hundred metres above the river. The view of the Hess Lake is breathtaking, the landscape and the unique natural character of the rivers and shores.

On the first evening I fished on the Rio Manso. We floated with the dinghy approximately 3 kilometres on the fascinatingly beautiful river. But the conditions were not ideal. After a heat wave, the water temperature rose to 23°C; the trout was therefore inactive. // The following three days I went fishing in deeper waters, where the water temperature was a bit cooler, the Hess Lake, Lake los Moscos and the Fonk Lake. The lakes are situated between mountains, forests and unspoilt nature. I catch numerous brook trout, rainbows and river trout up to 60 cm long. To fish in front of such a backdrop was really fun; the organization, the accommodation and the guiding were first class.

In strong, Patagonian winds, a particular fish at the fishing went me: my sympathetic guide Martin of Flyfishing Patagonia got from me an ear-piercing with a Fat Albert! He took it rather calmly, and all was forgiven after a successful operation. The weather isnot really that nice: the last two days it rains continuously in streams.


Fly fishing enthusiasts from all over the world know that the Rio Grande is the best destination for sea trout. There, you can catch Sea Run Browns up to 16 kg weight. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.

I flew from Bariloche with a stopover in El Calafate to Ushuaia, the capital of the province of Tierra del Fuego and the southernmost city in Argentina. Therefore, Ushuaia is also called “the end of the world”. There was no connection from El Calafate to Rio Grande – which would have been much easier. It was another three hours drive From Ushuaia to Maria Behety Lodge on the Rio Grande.


The Lodge itself, the rooms, the food and the service were great. The guides are very professional and very good fly fisherman with some international guiding experience. The Maria Behety Lodge has a maximum of 16 rods, and has 100 of the best pools at 32 miles on the lower Rio Grande on both riverbanks. No other Lodge on the Rio Grande provides these possibilities.

In the lodge there is a fully equipped fly shop where you can find really everything important. What should go out again; don't worry, all the common nymphs, streamers and lines.


Besides me, there is a South American, John Travis, and otherwise all American angler guests. The Americans and the owner of “The Fly Shop United States” Mike Michalak, Ken, Ten, Bruce, Benson and Kenneth


On the Rio Grande, I make first acquaintances with a two hand rod. At home, I bought myself a Sage TCX #8 switch with Skagit floating shot head and corresponding sink tips and practiced a little. But still, the cast line is absent. Due to the very strong wind, it is beneficial to fish with the two handed rod. The wind is so strong that the cast with the single handed rod to the opposite edge and channel is very difficult to reach. Also the Menden works better with the two handed rod.

The water level was very low, the water was clear. The deepest points – and the best – were mostly in the outside curves on the opposite bank. In order not to stand constantly in deep the cold water and come too close to the fish, cast range of 20 to 25 metres was necessary. With the two hand rod there was no problem. 30 degrees downstream I cast large mending, let sink and swing, mostly without stripping in. In order to give the Rubber Legs movement, I was stripping back and forth. This way you can always stay in contact with the nymph or streamer. I was slowly stripping in places with little flow and was successful.

The nymphs

The most popular Nymphs can be bought there. Otherwise, according to water level and colour during the day nymphs in hook size 6 – 12 are best of all: Prince, Montana, Stoneflies, Copper John, Girdle bug, Yuk bug, everything mostly with rubber legs. After sunset and with darkness we changed and fished with Black Leech, Crystal Buggers and Wolly Buggers.


07.15 a.m.: Get up, eat breakfast and depart for Rio Grande. Today, we are on the road with guide Andrew and travel to pool 11 Nirvana. // The guides fish themselves in every free minute, so you can learn a lot. After a few hours, everything flew already rather cleanly and stretched to the other shore. Learn by doing!

Around 10:30 a.m., we see a few fish on the surface. The concentration increased. At 11 a.m., I catch my first sea run brown with eight pounds, and I was delighted and highly motivated. Ken, my partner, had unfortunately, nothing this morning. // Around noon, we head back to the lodge for lunch and daily siesta until 6 p.m., which was almost too long for hard-core anglers. A two hour break would have been enough for me.

At 6 p.m., we go back to the water to the pool 32 Banghero. I catch four Sea runs, and I lost two. At 10.10 p.m., on the last cast in the dark I catch a 16 pound sea run with 80 cm in length. I am totally happy! What a first day of fishing on the Rio Grande.


On the second day, we head to pool 25 Alejandro with guide Hernan, where I land two sea runs and a great brook trout.

There are also major brook trout on the Rio Grande that are not into the sea. In the course of the week, I caught some of them, usually in the evening, when we moved from small nymphs streamers. On the evening at pool 21 it is quiet for me. No bite. Bruce catches a small sea run.


“Potato day” or “Papas” – so the Argentine guides call it, if you get zero. We are on the road with Sunnyboy Genaro. Except that he teaches me a few good tricks and I lose two super fish in the play, I cannot land a fish. It’s not much better for Bruce.

In the morning, we were upstream where I lose two fish, in the afternoon we fish closer to the Lodge. Fishing colleagues had warned us already that the pool was not very productive the last days. That can change daily, because the fish move constantly, and a bad pool can be rapidly a top pool.


Today we go with Lucas, who, incidentally, is a very good photographer, to pool 24 Julio, at which a section should prove particularly well.

We have two cars on the road, four anglers at Julio. Bites come almost exclusively in a specific location. For me, it was difficult at the beginning. All caught, and I had a long hard haul!

Finally I catch three sea runs, and hook a fourth, and lose it in the play. Benson catches a 22 pound male, the colour of a brook trout. A great fish! Unfortunately, I forget in the excitement to take a photo. A great morning for all at Julio. // In the afternoon we drove in extreme wind and icy cold to pool 26. I catch on the third or fourth cast a 14 pound Sea run. Then two brook trout on the streamer, with one 55 cm! It was really cold, I was cold, and there was nothing more. Bruce had no more success.


With Diego we travel downstream to pool 24. Mike Michalak, owner of Flyshop USA, straight away catches a 16 pound fish!

I am almost three hours without a bite; on the water is no activity. I am glad that Diego decides to change the pool. We go to pool 31 Horseshoe. An interesting place. The shore is slippery, and loamy. Three or four metres from the shore are a steep fissure, where the water is three to five metres deep. Totally promising! And fish turn in the pool! Difficult to get the nymph down, because the water has back flow, and the current is fast.

After a few attempts, I find a solution to fish the passage. In the 50 minutes up to Siesta I catch three fish: 6, 11, and 15 pounds. And finally, the first male with a genuine spawning hook. // In the afternoon at pool 16 Mike hooks a fish and loses it. I had “Papas”! With the return to the Lodge I learn that in the morning on the last day of the week that we are at the top pool X Andrew. Anticipation and expectations are big.


The day starts cold, without wind, the water is frozen at the edge of the river, as smooth as glass. The night was clear.

Our guide, head guide Federico, gives us a guideline: At the first pool we have to catch 10 fish, everything else is weak. Now: We catch in the morning with no wind, and sunshine 18 fish, I 11! I am very proud of that, because I have more fish than John, the South African, who otherwise always outclassed us. A great day! Twice we have double strikes. As a Coronation I catch at 11:00hr a 26.5 pound female sea run!

In the afternoon, I catch nothing more, but John three fish, and thus he brings me back to the ground. I am pleased with him.


I had a great week on the Rio Grande. The conditions were good; the weather was a slightly cold but fine and the most important: fishing was a dream! I have developed a real relationship with my two handed rod and learned a lot. What can I say: I have now decided to return in January 2013. Perhaps with a friend, as the photos are certainly convincing


IIn this great week in six days, I have caught the following fish:

25 Sea runs
18 fish with 5 -15 pounds
5 fish between 15 and 20 pounds
1 fish with 26.5 pounds



When the winter is coming and the snow falls, it's usually over with fishing in the Tyrol. The rod rings freeze and there is minimum fish activity. The time of waiting or preparing begins. You can bind flies and perfect the fly box. For a true “aficionado” as I am, this period is too long – and so I decided to travel to summer in the southern hemisphere. My destination: Patagonia in Chile.


The journey from Innsbruck via Frankfurt and Madrid to Santiago de Chile takes 20 hours and is really hard.

Glad finally to arrive in Santiago, I must suffer a deep blow at the airport: items of luggage are missing! And of all things, my rod tube and the bag with my clothes and equipment. I complain at the IBERIA counter, and I am assured that the next day I will get the missing luggage. But with all the fuss I miss my connecting flight to Balmaceda, Patagonia, and I must wait for the flight the next day. My frustration reaches its climax as the next day there is still no sign of my baggage. My idea to call the Lodge pays off: the owner reassures me that he has everything necessary and can equip me. A bumpy start – but now it should go off right.


Luiz Antunez, the owner of the Lodge, picks me up from the airport in Balmaceda. After 40 minutes we arrive at the Salmo Patagonia Lodge in Coyhaique – and I can hardly believe my eyes: Luiz has more rods and reels as many small fly shops! His contributions to the development of Sage rods have given him all the latest models in all line classes.

My outfit is rather poor: the waders are two sizes too big and the raincoat has also seen better days. But the most important thing is that I can fish!

The Lodge is situated on a hill outside of Coyhaique and is beautiful and with a lot of charm. A real fly fisherman’s lodge, full of trophies and photos of prize fish. After studying in Spain, Luiz built several Fly shops there. Later he went to Chile, where he has lived and operated his lodge for 20 years. He knows the area like the back of his hand; in a radius of a few hundred kilometres really every good body of water is known to him. Of course, he is an excellent fisherman and a gifted caster and is very practical. His wife Lourd and the cook Gloria shall ensure that the culinary aspect is well taken care of.


On the day of arrival we fish on the Simpson River in Coyhaique. The wonderful thing about the rivers of Chile is that there are no regulations. They create their own natural river bed. The result of this is flood plains and perfect spawning grounds for fish.

Currently, the activity of the fish is limited to the early morning and late evening hours. With sunset an extreme Caddis slip starts, the water surface is alive and the fish rise.

I catch some rainbow this evening and notice how strong the fish are. Even a rainbow with 45 cm is an effort on 5 series tackle.


Today we drive to the National Park Cerro Castillo. Beautiful scenery, stunning views of glaciers and extreme distances impress me. I'm amazed how beautiful it is in Chile and can understand all those who undertake the long trip to hike and explore nature.

We fish on a small lake, nestled between the mountains in the middle of the forest. Luiz calls it Lago Alto. There we stalk and search 10 to 15 metres ahead for brook trout. A day together with Luiz sight fishing for brook trout – this is a superlative experience.

It is not easy: the wind is strong, and the line gets caught in the high grass. I am gambling away a few good opportunities. But finally I catch four beautiful, powerful brook trout from 40 and 50 cm long with Damsel flies. Then in the evening we fish with dry flies in the dark on the Simpson River. I still catch six trout, three of them in pitch dark with deer hair Caddis – I am fascinated.


We go to the Butterfly Lake. There are countless nameless lakes in Patagonia, Luis is creative and gives them a name. The lake is situated on the land that Luis purchased several years ago. It is in the midst of the forest, an idyllic location on the lake, where he erected a romantic log cabin. I fish at this place and catch many trout with up to 50 cm. The fish population is so strong, that there was in fact no big challenge.


Señor Luis, the father of the lodge owner, fishes with me today on Rio de Oro. He is fit with his 84 years of age and I can hardly keep up with his pace as we walk for half an hour over steep terrain to the river. He doesn’t mind to be up to the thighs in the water; of course he is an excellent dry fly fisherman. Admirable!

I catch over 20 brook trout, many small, on this day. An unfortunate experience is the sight of the Didymo algae (also called rock snot), which has covered every stone at the lower reaches of the river. Luis tells me that within one year the algae has covered every stone and multiplied extremely. It is destroying the ecosystem. // The day after we fish on the Never, Never Lake. I hook many rainbow trout, many of them, however, quite small.


Today, fishing on the Rio Emperador is on the agenda. With the grasshopper imitations I catch some good trout with up to a kilo. A beautiful morning with Señor Luis.

In the evening, I go with Luis junior to the much vaunted Elf Creek. You can find nice Video on the Sage-Homepage. The journey takes about two hours and crosses “Pampa Roads” of the Rio de los Elfos and leads into the Z-lake. First we fish with dry flies and I hook really nice trout up to 60 cm long.

Fishing at Elf Creek is a unique experience. At dusk, we march from Z-Lake to Elf Creek. The old forest and the landscape are intriguing. Luis knows every stone at Elf Creek. Hand in hand we work up the creek and fish the main pools. // We fish on the creek in the dark with small Wooly Buggers and catch some great trout with up to 65 cm length. During daytime the trout are so shy in this crystal clear water, that you can land one fish at the most, and then they're all gone. An exceptional experience.


Z-lake and Elf Creek have drawn me into their spell, and I would like two more days fishing there. Fishing from the belly boat on the Lake, is a great experience. The fish are very powerful, I catch many nice trout.


Patagonia has more and more strong runs of King salmon and therefore Chile has become a fishing destination for these fish. The run takes place in the period from late December to early February. Right at my time and I didn’t want to miss out, of course.

We fish at a pool on Tokji River and straight away I catch a salmon with approximately eight kilos. After half an hour of unsuccessful casting, Luis has the idea of a half hour drive to Manihuelies River.

He knows a great pool – and he wasn’t exaggerating: The pool is impressive. The excitement increases, as we see really big Kings rolling in the pool. Two of them go on my hook and one of them with over 20 kilos. A crowning could not be better!


Whoever plans a trip in this part of the world, I cannot recommend it highly enough the Salmo Patagonia Lodge and especially Luis Antunez as guide. This trip will be fondly remembered.

PS: The final joke of this journey is that my luggage is brought to the lodge on the day prior to departure – just in time to haul it back home.



From the website of the organizer:

The small South American country Guyana is located east of Venezuela, west of Suriname and north of Brazil. Dense, tropical rainforest covers more than 80% of the country, which owns more than 15% of fresh water worldwide. Guyana is the only South American country with English as official language. The Jungle of Guyana is home to one of the largest, most exotic and unique wild fish: the prehistoric, massive Arapaima. Torpedo-shaped with large black-green scales and red and orange markings, the Arapaima is streamlined, smooth and incredibly strong.

The Fishing

Also from the organizer's website:

While this trip is definitely not for everyone, it is ideal for those anglers that love to combine adventure travel, technical fishing and the opportunity to catch one of the most exotic and interesting fish on the planet. Arapaima are quite literally freshwater dinosaurs. Found in few places on the planet, the arapaima is the largest, scaled freshwater fish in existence, known for reaching weights of over 700 pounds and lengths of more than ten feet long. The waters that are controlled by Rewa Village are home to impressive numbers of large arapaima, and the fact that the local guides and the Indifly conservation project have worked hard on researching, protecting and understanding these amazing fish has resulted in a very legitimate and successful fly fishing program.

Click here for more information on this trip.

Seite 109 - JULY 2019: NUNAVUT, CANADA

In July 2019 I am going north again – and I mean really north. Of course, I really hope for good weather and little ice …

The Nunavut territory, up at the top of the world, is flat, tree-less tundra stretching as far as the eye can see. Most of the year is ice & snow against a cold gray sky. Out of this extreme environment comes a fish of amazing delicacy and depth, with flesh as vibrant as the landscape is bare. Cold waters make for fish with a high fat content, and the intensely cold waters of the arctic guarantee an incomparable richness.

Follow this link for a video on fishing in Nunavut. and this one to the High Arctic Lodge

The photobook of a trip to this destination in July 2016:



Atlantic Salmon fishing in Russia is really extraordinary. If you read the reports on my last trips to the Kharlovka and the Litza river, you will surely know why. So I am booked into one week of top of the notch salmon fishing in week 25 in June.

Here you can browse the photobook of my trip in June 2017:

Images of my trip to the Kharlovka in June 2017


Cuba has now become an integral part of my yearly travel plans. Top saltwater fishing – great friends, good food, a paradise in the Caribbean. The Tarpon fishing at Jardines de la Reina is first class. Every day you have a lot of opportunities for big tarpons, and every day you catch some. The adrenaline level is constantly going up and down. We love that!

Besides, the chances of catching a permit are very large. It only depends on how much time you invest. They are often found and they are numerous.

From 20.04. until 27.04.2019 I will again host a trip for which I have chartered two boats. At the moment, there are still two rods available.
Interested? Get in touch and receive more information.

Here is the story of this year's trip to this magic destination:



Flyfishing with friends! New plans for March/April 2019: one extra-long fishing week of eight and a half days in Nicaragua. Now let's get serious!

From 27.06 until 05.04.2018 I have exclusively booked the Jungle Lodge, situated close to Bluefields in Nicaragua. This destination is not for you if you are a beginner. Real tarpon monsters are waiting for us. If anyone feels up to this adventure with me, please get in touch.

Infos: Tapam Lodge, Nicaragua

MAR 26 TUE: Arrive in Bluefields, stay at Casa Rosa Lodge
MAR 27: Morning transfer to the Tapam Lodge
MAR 28-APR 2: Six full days at the lodge
APR 3: Fishing 05-12.30. Leave to Casa Rosa
APR 4 THU: Departure from Bluefields


Watching this video might cause urgent need to travel to Nicaragua!

Images from this website: Tapam Lodge


Looking back to my trip in February 2018


Three years ago was the last time I visited the rivers Damdochax and Nass in Canada. Which does not mean that I forgot the visit. On the contrary! I'm going back in September and hope for new Steelhead adventures.

Infos on the River Lodge and on fishing the Damdochax:

Here is the photo album of my last trip to the Damdochax and Nass:


Following is a description I have received with the pre-trip information .

According to the Land Management Bureau of British Columbia:

“The waters of the Damdochax are some of the warmest and clearest in the Nass watershed. The main stem of the Damdochax is 12 miles long. The two tributaries that join the Damdochax change the size and character of the river considerably. Very good numbers of chunky Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout and Dolly Varden are found along its length, especially in the headwaters area directly below the lake outlet.

Thousands of Sockeye spawn from one end of the valley to the other, along the shores of Damdochax Lake and along the main stem of the Damdochax River. Chinook spawn from the lake outlet downstream for three miles.

Nineteen per cent of the Chinook of the Nass River are birthed in the Damdochax. Coho and chum spawn throughout the system. Steelhead spawn in the outlet waters. Steelhead caught by anglers (measured by hours of effort) is amongst the highest catch-per-hour values in British Columbia.

The Damdochax valley is a world-class fly fishing Classified Waters destination, recognized provincially by the Ministry of Environment and internationally by fly-rod anglers.

Wildlife, waterfowl and fish heavily use specific zones within the Damdochax watershed. Grizzly bears live and den in the area, their patterns and trails similar from year to year. Good numbers of moose calve in the flooded willow swamps between Damdochax and Wiminasik lakes. Moose winter along the entire Damdochax Valley. There are good populations of wolves and dense populations of mountain goat in the Slomuldo Mountains.“


My third trip to Russia in 2018 will be a special treat. The program on the Kharlovka River is exclusive: Together with my friend Christoph Hottgenroth we will fish the Atlantic Salmon Research VIP program on brown trout // / (brown trout). This means that we have our headquartersat the Kharlovka Lodge and fly out every day from the lodge to a new hotspot for brown trout fishing.

Images of my trip to the Kharlovka river in June 2014


From 30th June until 8th July 2018 I will go to Alaska – after quite a longe absence: king salmon, red salmon, rainbow trout, arctic char – they are all waiting for seven friends of mine and for me in the far north of America. Pumice Creek Lodge is situated on a lonely peninsula, where a very short fishing season starts in June.

For more, please go to:

Bristol Bay 360 Degrees View


In June 2017 I was in Russia at the Kharlovka and the Litza river, my travel report was not yet online – and I was already planing another trip to nature. With five good friends I will go back to Russia in July 2018. We will fish the Brown Salmon Research Brown Trout Program at the Upper Kharlovka and the Upper Litza river.

Images of my trip to the Kharlovka river in June 2014


I a very happy that a groupf of flyfishing aficionados has rapidly decided to join in on this trip. Unfortunately, there was not room for everyone, which I am really sorry for.


From the 8th to the 15th of February, 2018, I have chartered the Lone Star, a large catamaran, from the Alphonse Fishing Company, for one week of fly fishing on Cosmoledo / Seychelles. The motto is: Connecting people – flyfishing with friends! Friends from all over the world: Who wants to join in?

I have managed to get the first week of the season. I am here once or twice every year and my experience is that the first week is usually very good: After the long break, the fish on the flats are aggressive and numerous. Cosmoledo is, in my opinion, the best spot worldwide for fly fishing on GT on flats in salt water.

In addition, during this week the best guides will be on board, including headguide Keith and / or Dewan.

On the boat there is space for eight people. At the moment there is still a single cabin available, the rest are double cabins.

Here is the relevant information:

Information Private Charter
Information Alphonse

For any question or booking please send me a message or contact my assistant

The Boat: the Lone Star



2014 – a long, long time ago I was at the Kharlovka and Litza River. It's high time for a new visit. At the end of June 2017 I will be there with Helmut Schlagmann and Christoph Hottgenrotz.

The stay is organized by the ASR – Atlantic Salmon Reserve.

Here is my travel report from June 2014.

Images of my trip to the Kharlovka river from June 2014


2014 – so lange ist es her, dass ich am Kharlovka und Litza River war. Höchste Zeit für einen neuen Besuch. Ende Juni 2017 werde ich mit Helmut Schlagmann und Christoph Hottgenrotz dort sein.

Der Aufenthalt wird organisiert von der ASR – Atlantic Salmon Reserve.

Hier geht es zu meinem Reisebericht aus dem Juni 2014.

Bilder meiner Reise zum Kharlovka, Juni 2014

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Good experiences must be repeated! That is why Cuba is again on my agenda in 2017. This time I have booked a boat for two weeks and will use it together with a group of fly fishing friends, including my son Andreas.

This way to the travel report of my last trip to Jardines de la Reina in springtime 2016.

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The Seychelles are a perfect destination for me: everything is first class. From fly fishing, to nature to organization. In March I will be Alphonse and Cosmoledo together with a group of Austrian flyfishing friends

Click here for my travelogue Cosmoledo 2015.
And this way to the Cosmoledo film 2014.

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Seite 29 - Travel plans


A helicopter ride is necessary to reach the lodge at the Damdochax and the Nass River. Starting from Smithers, I will be taken to the lodge, from where I will fish in both rivers. For real steelheaders it is a dream come true to fish for steelheads in the Damdochax.



Meanwhile, I have delopped a kind of a rhythm: about every six months I have to go to Cosmoledo. It is and will remain a magical place for me: Here I have had some of my best experiences as a flyfisher.



Nicaragua was not on my travel list until recently. When I heard that there are real Tarpon monsters, I knew I had to go there. For one week I have booked the Tapam Jungle Lodge exclusively.



Cuba has now become an integral part of my yearly travel plans. Top saltwater fishing – great friends, good food, a paradise in the Caribbean.



Atlantic Salmon fishing in Russia is really extraordinary. If you read the reports on my last trips to the Kharlovka and the Litza river, you will surely know why. So I am booked into one week of top of the notch salmon fishing in week 25 in June.



In July 2019 I am going north again – and I mean really north. That’s why I really hope for good weather and little ice …



Some destinations attract me time and again. Nevertheless, I remain curious and am constantly looking for new challenges. That’s how I came across the Arapaima. In Guyana I will face this challenge in November 2019.



From the 8th to the 15th of February, 2018, I have chartered the Lone Star, a large catamaran, from the Alphonse Fishing Company, for one week of fly fishing on Cosmoledo / Seychelles. The motto is: Connecting people – flyfishing with friends! Friends from all over the world: Who wants to join in?

I have managed to get the first week of the season. I am here once or twice every year and my experience is that the first week is usually very good: After the long break, the fish on the flats are aggressive and numerous. Cosmoledo is, in my opinion, the best spot worldwide for fly fishing on GT on flats in salt water.

In addition, during this week the best guides will be on board, including headguide Keith and / or Dewan.

On the boat there is space for eight people. At the moment there is still a single cabin available, the rest are double cabins.

Here is the relevant information:

Information Private Charter
Information Alphonse

For any question or booking please send me a message or contact my assistant

The Boat: the Lone Star

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In January 2017 I will go back to Argentina to the Rio Grande. I have booked one week and I am very much looking forward to it, because Searun Brown fishing at the Rio Grande is one of my absolute favorites.

This way to the travel report of my trip to Argentina in 2016

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If I go back and read my travel reports on Astove, I am immedately convinced: Some of the most fascinating flyfishing adventures I had, where there. A perfect reason to go there one more time this year.

There's an excellent video on this beautiful flyfishing spot on the website of the Alphonse Fishing Company and below!

Travel report on Astove, November 2015

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Crystal clear rivers, a breathtaking scenery and the challenge, to sight fish big brown trouts – that's what many flyfishers attracts to New Zealand. At the end of November 2015 I will make my dream come true and I will travel to New Zealand for two weeks of angling.

Follow this link for more information on the lodge and on fishing in New Zealand.

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Up till now this trip has never really been possible: The best time for fishing in Mongolia collides with steelhead fishing in Canada. This year I decided for Mongolia. Since travelling there is really complicated, I will stay for two weeks.

Follow this link for more information from the travel agent.

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Seite 106 - JUNE 2016: YOKANGA, RUSSIA

Two years ago I fished the Yokanga in mid July. It was a great time with lots of salmons, but too many grilse were already populating the rivers. Really fresh, big salmons had gone to upper parts of the river already.

This time I will spend two weeks starting from mid June. If the weather is okay, many fresh silver salmons should travel the river at that time of the year. The Yokanga is well known for really big salmons. Every single year salmosn of 40 pounds and more are caught up there.

Follow this llink for detailed information on the lodge and on the surroundings.
And here you find the travel report of my last trip to Yokanga

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Good experiences may be repeated, don't you think? That's why Cuba is again on my travel list for the year 2016.

This time we will be a real cool group: together with Marco Wackers, Heinz Mayer, Bernhard Konrad and Joe Samluk we are going to Jardines del la Reina. For the prime time in Cuba we have booked our own boat, the “La Reina”.

Follow this link for a description of the boat..
And this link for a travel report of my last year's trip to Cuba, Jardines de la Reina.

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From the end of January until mid February 2016 I will go back to Argentina, to Tierra del Fuego and the Rio Grande.

I have booked two weeks at the Villa Maria Lodge and I am really looking forward to it. Searun brown fishing at the Rio Grande is one of my alltime favourites. After skipping one year I cam hardly wait to go back there.

Follow this link to the lodge Villa Maria

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Ende Jänner bis Mitte Februar werde ich wieder in Argentinien sein: Ich fische in Tierra del Fuego am Rio Grande.

Ich habe zwei Wochen in der Lodge Villa Maria gebucht und freue mich schon riesig darauf, denn das Searun Brown fischen am Rio Grande zählt zu meinen absoluten Favoriten. Nach einem Jahr Pause kann ich es kaum erwarten.

Link zur Lodge Villa Maria

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Astove-Alphonse-Cosmoledo – this is going to be a flyfishing marathon. I am very much looking forward to it. At the same time this will be my last trip in 2015.

I am planning on staying one week at the Astove Lodge, the 4 days on Alphonse Island and another week with an offshore expedition off Cosmoledo.

Here is the video of my trip to Cosmoledo in the fall of last year.

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The ultimate place to fish for steeheads – supposedly. I need to check that out myself – and I will share the experience as soon as I am back.

A helicopter ride is necessary to reach the lodge at the Damdochax and the Nass River. Starting from Smithers, I will be taken to the lodge, from where I will fish in both rivers. For real steelheaders it is a dream come true to fish for steelheads in the Damdochax. Luckily, I was able to catch one of the few places during the prime time.

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Our family summer vacation! This time we go west; it's been ages since we have done that. During the first two weeks of August we will be in Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria. We – that is my wife, our daughter Anna, my brother in law, his partner and the two kids (Nicco and Daniel).

In 2013 I was there for the first time. Here you can check out my travel report.

My plan is to live my passion for a few hours in the mornings. I rent an offshore boat and go out deep sea fishing. Tarpons and permits are my goal in the flats.

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Fishing for big pikes with the fly is a fascinating task. It's a exceptional adventure if a big pike attacks a popper.

I will spend a week at the Yukon and Innoko Rivers on a house boat – and I really DO hope that the weather will be nice for a change and the water clear with lots of nice fish – so as to forget about all those Canadian mosquitos.

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I have wished for a long time to fish once again for King salmon. Unfortunately, the prime running time for King salmon in Alaska is at the same time as the Atlantic salmon fishing in Kola – Russia. In 2015 I have swapped Atlantic salmon fishing in Russia to Alaska. A little nostalgic, but I hope I won't regret it.

The lodge is located 10 km above the mouth of Goodnews on the Bering Sea. I look forward to fresh, silver powerhouses. The Goodnews has a strong King run and this time I'm well prepared to land the greats ones.

Please click here for more information.

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In May, I go with friends and my son for 2 weeks to Cuba. We booked Avalon Fleet I and fish there in the natural reserve in Jardines del la Reina for tarpon, permit and bones.

Here you can go to the website: Avalon Fleet I

There is the following: “Avalon fleet I is an intimate, comfortable and stylishly designed yacht, where each space is created to provide its guests with maximum comfort and safety.” The atmosphere what is conceived and designed to provide our guests with experience of a lifetime.”

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We all are looking forward to some beautiful days in the Maldives! Our family vacation leads us always to sunny climes, we love the relaxation on an island far away from everyday life. The best thing on the island hideaway is that I have my family with me there and can at the same time devote some time for my great passion.

Here you can go to the hotel website uand to the hotel info for fly fishing.

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On the previously uninhabited atoll Astove, a small lodge is built 1000 kilometres south of the main island of Mahé.

It opens in February. There is space for 6 fly fisherman and I have secured a place. I already look forward enormously to this adventure.

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Seite 33 - 13.-21. JULI 2013: RUSSIA, KOLA: YOKANGA

Seite 30 - 17.-25. MAI 2013: CUBA, CAYO SANTA MARIA

Seite 37 - 17.-28. SEPTEMBER 2013: TERRACE, BC, CANADA




Play Video

I do it again! At the end of January 2014 I go again to the Rio Grande fishing for Sea Run Browns, accompanied by my fishing friend Helmut Alleze from Munich.

I am always curious for something new, but the Rio Grande, for me, has not yet lost its charm.

A sneak peek of the film from my visit in January 2013.

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In the last few years, Cosmoledo has become known worldwide as the best area for fishing for GTs. It is the ultimate destination for all those who want to make exceptional experiences in the salt water. Already alone the number and variety of fish species amazes the fly fisherman, and so anglers from around the world stand in line, to test their skills in this paradise of fish. The area was closed due to problems with pirates for four years. This means that the ecosystem is completely renewed and the fish will be hungry. I'm really looking forward to this experience and am pleased to be one of the first whom may gain experience there.

Trip organized by wherewisemenfish

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In April, during our Easter break, I will go back to the Seychelles for a second visit this year. We will spend a family holiday there, but I think that I will get the chance to spend a few hours flyfishing – besides the joy to spend a lot of time with my daughter and wife.

Infoflyer of the resort: Flyfishing Desroches

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This is my program:
Part 1: June 14 – 21: Russia, Kola peninsula: rivers Kharlovka and Litza
Part 2: June 21 – 28: Russia, Kola peninsula: rivers Rynda and Zolotaya

This year I will stay in Kola for two weeks: first a week at the rivers Kharlovka and Litza and then one week at the rivers Rynda and Zolotaya.I am really looking forward to these two weeks during primetime and I do hope that I will be lucky and catch one or the other real big fish.

Last year the record salmon at the river Kharlovka had 47 pounds. Watch two great videos – here and here

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For me a very special experience: to be able to be with my family and pursue my great passion a little bit. This time we're back in the Maldives, which my wife and daughter also like very much. But even my adult son Andreas and his girlfriend Vera are part of the game. Andreas will go fishing with me, and meanwhile we are sure that the ladies know how to entertain themselves!

Island Hideaway, which was our first choice, ist still under construction and we were forced to find something new. We were lucky to hit on the Ayada Resort in the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, which lies about 432 Kilometer away from the main island. The first hotels were constructed there three years ago. We have booked a stay of two weeks there and have made a reservation of a boat for the whole time. So we can make excursions and go fishing whenever we like.

Informationen zum Resort

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Seite 63 - 11.-20. SEPTEMBER 2014: CANADA, TERRACE, BC

I am going back to Stan Doll in Terrace,, because I know I am in the best of hands there. To obtain a fishing licence at Upper Copper Class 1 is getting more and more difficult. The number of licences is limited, and the guides fight for them
at all costs.

I reserved my fishing days with Stan at the Upper Copper Class 1 when I was there last year. Upper Copper is definitely one of the best – if not the best – steelhead river in BC. This year I would like to outsmart one or the other steelhead with the dry fly. Watch the video of my trip tp Terrace in 2013

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Seite 64 - 14. - 22. NOVEMBER 2014: COSMOLEDO, SEYCHELLES

After I was extremely lucky to experience the highlight of my worldwide flyfishing trips this spring, I cannot keep myself from going back to this magic place one more time this year. If you have read my report, seen the pictures and the film, you will understand my fascination and obsession with this spot. Of course I am delighted to be back in Cosmoledo in November. Can't wait!

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A few days ago I decided to go on this trip to Iceland. 3 days at the Midjfardara – crystal clear water and hopefully many salmons – floating line and hitch flies!

As long as you stay in Europe, you can go on a short trip like this one. So I grab the chance and travel up north before we go on our family summer vacation in August.

Watch a great video, made by the travel agency!

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Seite 80 - 14. - 22. NOVEMBER 2014: COSMOLEDO, SEYCHELLES

After I was extremely lucky to experience the highlight of my worldwide flyfishing trips this spring, I cannot keep myself from going back to this magic place one more time this year. If you have read my report, seen the pictures and the film, you will understand my fascination and obsession with this spot. Of course I am delighted to be back in Cosmoledo in November. Can't wait!

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Seite 83 - Heimgewässer


This country is simply beautiful … Spend a day taking pictures with my new Sony Alpha 7RII and Zeiss lenses. Watching some brown trouts spawning.

Sill, Tyrol; October 2015

Still 2014 – still the Danube trout! Can’t believe my luck: It’s almost the same spot as last January where I catch once mor two big Danube trouts.

Waters: Inn, Tyrol; December 2014

Very proud! On January 1st I catch a Danube trout in the river Inn, close to the samll town of Hall in tyrol, measuring 103 cm, and on Jan 2nd one with 87 cm. In the course of January two smaller ones follow. Danube trouts were believed to be extinct at this place! Do not miss the film!

Waters: Inn, Tyrol; January 2014

Seite 108 - Sill, Tyrol; October 2015

This country is simply beautiful … Spend a day taking pictures with my new Sony Alpha 7RII and Zeiss lenses. Watching some brown trouts spawning.

Seite 85 - Waters: Inn, Tyrol; December 2014

Still 2014 – still the Danube trout! Almost at the same spot – people living here will recognize it – I catch again to big Danube trouts: on Dec 22th one with 110cm and on Dec 23rd a 70 cm long fish (and I lose another one).

At first I was alone at the river, and therefore I had to wait in the icecold water until a friend, who I called came and took over the camera. Just imagine the temperature of the water at this time of the year.

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Seite 61 - Waters: Inn, Tyrol; January 2014

Close to my birth town I caught four Danube salmon of 103 and 87 cm and two smaller ones. Fish that officially do not live here any more. Very proud!? Don't miss the video!

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Seite 10 - Flies & Tying


Pike flies, made with extra large bucktail, Keough Saddles and Finn Racoon.




Seite 11 - Links & Tipps

Flies & tying

A hot tip!

Around the world
for a Black Marlin!

Shopping paradise for flyfishing.

Excellent flytying videos!

Jurassic Lake week report, Nov 24 – 30, 2012

The one Fly
It’s the one fly in which we put all our confidence.

Informative blog; no longer up to date.

Courses and guiding; great page design.

Great products, prices and destinations.

The Fly guys
Some other Blog, in English, with super logo.

Der Fliegenbinder
Stock to browse, great photography.

Flyfisherman Markus
Fly fishing, what else …I agree!!

Short and interesting videos.

Beautiful images, good reports, also on whiskey!

silver catch
Many tips an tricks, good reports and images.

Seite 12 - Service

Seite 4 - Contact

DANUBE TROUT, January 2014
That's how my flyfishing year 2014 started!

Play Video


I am happy to answer questions about my travels and my equipment by Email. I can be contacted at and I will happily reply as soon as possible.

Note: All images on this website are subject to copyright. Those who would like to use them should please get in contact with me.

Seite 13 - Impressum


Helmut Zaderer
Münster, Austria

Seite 55 - Newsletter