Cosmoledo - Seychelles, February 2018

As far as Cosmoledo is concerned, I have definitely fallen for it! It is really awsome to spend time there with like-minded people.

The week in February 2018 was exceptionally beautiful. Together with my friends Helmut Alleze, Georg Marberger, Helmut Alexander, Peter Jones, Alan Rosen, Günther Wimmer and Ueli Zellweger we spent an unforgettable time on the catamaran Lone Star.

The fishing was the best you can get, starting with the perfect conditions with 100% sunshine and no clouds or wind. Of course it was hot, but we could spot every single fish on the flats from a distance – always including GTs.

During this week, our group of eight fishermen caught 123 GTs, many big bones, a few triggers and many other reef fish. – All under the guidance of the very professional guides Dave Marshall, Cameron Musgrave, Alex, Olli and Devan v.d. Merwe from the Alphonse Fishing Company.

Take a look at the photobook and find out about this trip:

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