Cosmoledo & Astove, Seychelles, November 2014

In February 2014, I was at Cosmoledo/Astove for the first time – the trip together with Helmut Alleze was unforgettable. We were lucky with the weather, apart from a few short thunderstorms it was always nice. And the most important: the fishing was just terrific!

Helmut and I had discussed that we would repeat the trip together in 2015. But I was captured by the great experiences and encounters with the first GTs. Fishing in the surf at Astove has simply pulled me under the spell: within seconds you are in the middle of a school of many, very large GTs. When the first large GT is on the hook and it goes off, the adrenaline level explodes.

Moments that are unforgettable! Every salt water fly fisherman gets hooked on this feeling . As a result, I simply must fly again to the Seychelles next autumn.

It was crucial for my decision that the Life Aboard-Expedition on the Maya Dugong should only occur one more time. The last opportunity, to fish three different atolls – Assumption, Cosmoledo, Astove – in one week! Everyone with whom I have spoken, deeply regret that this is the last time.

Currently, a runway and a small lodge are being built on Astove. There is fishing space for six. The same will take place a year later at Cosmoledo.

My trip goes ahead again without problems.

Etihad takes me in time to Mahé, where I spend a night at Crown Beach hotel. The next morning I meet my colleagues for this week at ITC Hangar.

With a stopover in Alphonse we continue to fly direct to Assumption. After arriving for lunch, we go on the boat, where I was taken to my single cabin and felt right at home.

The group is mixed and likeable: a nice American family with a fishing enthusiastic mother, who should land some GTs; a funny Londoner, with which there is always something to laugh about and a couple from Upper Austria.

Without further ado, the fishing kicks off. On the first day at Assumption I land three nice GTs.

Seems to me that fishing this time at Cosmoledo is better than in the spring. GTs can always be found on the flats, and so I have a few exceptional days with many good fish: at Cosmoledo alone I catch over 40 GTs and also some other interesting reef creatures.

However , Astove is not as good this time. I wanted to repeat my surfing experiences from spring – but it was different.

The tide is not so strong, the large GTs are hardly in the channel and not so close to the shore. At that, I catch many small GTs and countless bluefins but no really big GTs. The many bonefish in the lagoon are a nice change of pace, and I also get some others on the hook.

From the boat I have a few beautiful experiences, for example this: I have a small red snapper in the drill on my 16, he is already tired, and I believe that I only have to pump him up. Suddenly I feel an extremely hard jerk, and within a few seconds the fish pulls under the boat.

My 16 breaks off in the middle!

I drill the fish further with a broken rod and then with the line in the hand. What a surprise: two fish hanging on the fly! The mystery is solved: the reason for the strong jerk is an enormous grouper.

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