My wife Monika and our daughter Anna were very satisfied with the Easter holiday destination last year, and so have we decided to book again at Desroches in the Seychelles. The island is beautiful, the service, the food and the accommodation are first class.

And: We all felt happy and content again! The most important thing: Anna has immediately found friends. The kids are fine, the adults fine! Relaxation from the very first moment!

As a flyfisherman I had the wish, this time to catch a sailfish and maybe even a permit on fly. In addition, I had two of my Carpenter rods and the Stellas with me, in order to possibly pop a few GTs etc. on the outer reef.

On the first trip for sailfish, I had two sails behind the boat. One I could just hook, but lost the fish on the second jump. I simply missed another chance.

On the second trip: I catch my first sailfish on my self-built fly with Cam Sigler popperhead. It is especially exciting when behind the boat the sail is and trying to get the teasers respectively and then attacked the fly. And it is live!

The drill was initially exciting – you can feel much strength and speed and you see the sail jump several times completely out of the water. In the end however the sailfish lays at the surface, and one more or less pumps him to the boat. A beautiful, majestic fish! One more in my collection.

I booked the boat for six half-days and a full-day excursion to Poivre. On the boat excursion, I catch bonitos, sharks, wahoos, rainbow runners and some beautiful reef fish with the fly.

Sometimes we go with the big catamaran. Moni and Anna also come along. I'm doing a tour with Mark, a London lawyer, whose family we got to know. Mark catches a super wahoo while trolling.

Also the beauty of Desroches is that you can make a round on the island with the fly rod. So sometimes just after sunrise, when my family are still asleep, I go fishing for one or two hours. Bonefish are there difficult, there are only a few, very shy fish. But I catch one every now and then.

I often see permits there, but except for a very small 20 cm I can outwit any.

On Desroches a whale had washed up, laying on a beautiful stretch of beach and stinks horribly. Tiger sharks smell the whale and come down to the shore, to pick out pieces of meat. I photograph the whale shortly before the management closes the beach section due to the sharks and finally drags the whale out to the open sea.

One day I spend with Mark on the flats on St. Joseph, where we catch some bones.

Finally, I'm going on a full-day excursion to Poivre because I would actually like to catch a permit. When we arrive in Poivre, we see flocks of gulls and yellowfins hunting on the surface.

That deters us first of our plan to go on the flats. On the first cast I get a bite and catch a bonito. Then straight away I have a yellowfin or doggi of medium size on the hook. Soon we notice that we cannot land bigger fish, because there were sharks and doggies, eating the fish off the hook, as soon as they are tired from the drill. We stop fishing, it makes no sense.

With my GoPro I could briefly record the underwater activities.

The flat fishing off Poivre is interesting. I catch a few bones, and we see three really big permits, but every time we come close to casting distance, they disappear. Permits are difficult to outwit.

At low tide, we go back on the boat and decide to go to the reef for popping. I catch two nice GTs.

Several times, I recognize a school of permits. -I'm glad to see something! As soon as I have however a fly rod ready to cast, they have already disappeared. Once, I can record it with the GoPro.