The long journey to Argentina/ Tierra del Fuego is enough in itself. All the strain for only six days of fishing on the Rio Grande? No! Helmut Alleeze, my fishing friend from Munich, has never been to Jurassic Lake. Once you need to go there, and we decided to go there before the Rio Grande. Size and number of rainbows on the Jurassic are really unique.

The journey is extremely exhausting again as expected: The journey from El Calafate with the pickup truck to the lake takes seven to eight hours and goes over sticks and stones. The first two days we are alone in the lodge, and then come two American couples and the Loop-people from Sweden.


In the evening the food is mostly ok; really good if it is a barbecue. This time the breakfast is, unfortunately, very much plain and simple. Of course one does not suffer hunger, but it is camp food rather than lodge food.

The lodging is suitable. The toilets are not mostly clean, the showers in need of renovation. The shower rooms are unheated; partially the water comes out only drop by drop, the temperature is difficult to adjust: The water is either boiling hot or, however, ice-cold.


The angling is this time very different than the last time I was at the Jurassic Lake in November. The water level of the river was high, and I could fish the Rio Barrancoso upstream for a few kilometres, because during high water the rainbows travel up the river. I remember: it was awesome river fishing with large fish in small waters.

This time the fishing is only in the immediate mouth area of the river, we catch the good, fresh fish only in the lake. We have only three fishing days, and this is not so bad: These days we can let off real steam and have great success. We catch many trophy rainbow trout. It seems that my friend Helmut has leased the luck with the large ones: He really lands a few big ones. Usually we have great weather with the usual strong winds, but often we have a fabulously beautiful, blue sky.


This time the wooly bugger does not work so well. Mostly it is better to fish with small nymphs and fish finely. Successful are: white wooly bugger, Prince nymphs hook size 6-8 and various rubberleg nymphs 4-6.

We have our fun. After three days we are glad about the next week at the Rio Grande. The return journey from camp to El Calafate and the onward flight to Ushuaia run according to plan.


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