Kharlovka, Litza - Russia, July 2021

The story

Being flexible and adaptive – that‘s what I have learned from the fish. Actually, I had booked week 26 for salmon fishing on the Kharlovka with my friend Christoph Hottgenroth. Covid travel restrictions for Austrians meant that Christoph went salmon fishing without me.

The lodge manager proved to be equally flexible: As soon as I had a visa, I could come for brown trout fishing, we agreed. During the VIP Brown Trout programme, a helicopter pilot is always on site. So you can fly to the best spots on the Litza and Kharlovka rivers at any time.

Another challenge awaited me: Kharlovka Lodge was closed because a military exercise was taking place and the lodge was in the zone. So, a camp was set up on the river outside the zone. Lucky me: I could also fish for salmon there in the evening. And the brown trout fishing
was a dream: During a single week I caught 76 brown trout between one and five kilos.

Brown trout & nature

Fishing salmon at our home pool

The VIP Camp