On November 22, I fly from Innsbruck at 6:20 p.m. to Frankfurt and from there at 10.20 p.m. on the dot, to Buenos Aires, where I arrive the next morning at 8 a.m. before the scheduled landing time. Everything runs smoothly, the check-in is completed within 45 minutes.

For the drive to the national airport Newberry, I take a taxi. Under one hour this is not possible, we need 80 minutes because there is heavy traffic. Not a problem, as my flight is delayed two hours, and so we start only at 5 p.m. Three hours later we arrive in El Calafate, a taxi takes me to the hotel, the long journey is over.


Diego, Pollo – Guide 2
Cook: Augustin, Helpers: Sebastian

4 Americans: Opa: Lynn, Father: Zacharias
Son: David, friend: Durk


Head guide Diego picks us up at 8.30 a.m., we travel to Lake Jurassic. The journey takes nine hours with two breaks and presents itself as a real strain. Just before 6 p.m. we arrive.

After unpacking, we set off down to the lake – and already a 5-6 kilo trout swims past! Three, four casts later with the Wooly Bugger, the first Rainbow with about five kilos strongly pulls the line from the reel. This motivates me, I fish two and a half hours more and catch up to eight rainbow up to six, seven kilos. // I film the whole time with the Go Pro – but the memory card is full, I'm really upset.


In the morning, it is quite cold, the wind is moderate, at noon it's sunny. And there I burn my lips because again I forgot to put sunscreen on.

I spend the morning on the spit, and then in the Bay. The Bay is full of fish, and I catch more than 100 Rainbows between one and nine kilos. The best fish is 80cm, Diego takes a super photo. // In the afternoon I go to a large pool on the river upstream. I catch fish there again in all sizes.


At 6.30 a.m. I am already on the river and fish about 25 rainbows. After breakfast, I go with Diego up to the Barrancoso, where I catch many small fish, but also some with three kilos. In the afternoon, at the spit, I catch five large chromigen, one with seven kilos.

Then I march off up to the waterfall up the Barrancoso. There I fish with dry flies, on the way back I take the Glo Bug. I have in each bag very many fish; in every turn I catch more. A day with well over 100 fish from the river some with up to seven kilos.


In the morning, I try on the lake with a Glo Bug, which does not work. Before breakfast, I catch at the spit again some rainbow with up to five kilos. Then I go with Diego in the gorge – this means one hour really strenuous hiking, but it's worth it. The gorge is really beautiful. Once there I catch many small fish but also another up to seven kilos again.

At the large pool in the river, I catch approximately 10 rainbow between three and seven kilos. In the evening, I stay on the lake till 10 p.m. and catch fish hit after hit up to five kilos.


In the morning, I am on the lake in the bay in totally calm winds with rare light breezes. The water is for the most part as smooth as glass. I catch some fish with the Wooly Bugger with up to six kilos. After breakfast, I go back upstream to the Barrancosa, where I lose some big fish, because I cannot keep hold of them in the current. At the large pool, I catch again many Rainbows with up to six kilograms.

In the afternoon, I decide because of the calm wind to try from the left side of the bay in the shallower water. With the nymph, I catch some fish, but only up to four kilos.

After that, mass fishing in the estuary is announced; occasional all five anglers are playing at the same time, and I catch 40-50 fish with up to eight kilos. During the twilight hours I still fish around the island so from bay to spit and with the Wooly Bugger I catch still seven fish, of which a Chromo with eight kilos.


There is almost no wind in the morning, I try at the spit, and then further to the left. Until breakfast, I catch ten rainbows with up to six kilos. Then I stay alone in the Bay and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I get one fish after the other. The wind becomes stronger, but I also cast well in the wind, and so land up till lunch definitely 60 large rainbows. One with 85 cm, one with 88 cm and one with 92 cm, surely 11-12 kilos! Until 9 o’clock in the evening, I catch another one in very strong winds, a 85 cm rainbow with the two-handed, which is an advantage in this wind. With overhead, I reach 30 metres, and almost with every good cast is a fish. Madness!