We already know the Maldives from previous holidays – it was always extremely relaxing and there is something for everyone. So it promises to be this year, especially after I found out that it will pay to take my equipment.

I’m really lucky, because the two women in my life have an understanding for my passion. And so I can plan a few hours in advance.

Kanuhura is a gorgeous resort; it is one of the leading hotels of the world. It describes itself as “essence of a relaxing and authentic vacation in the Maldives”. We can only agree with that.

Kanuhura is located at the edge of the remote Lhaviyani atoll, one of the most spectacular atolls of the Maldives. Kanuhura is a very private hideaway with beautiful small neighbouring islands, and a wide range of bars, restaurants, and activities for all ages. And for me, the possibility to fish!


Our flight with Condor goes directly from Frankfurt to Male. We have sought after this flight, to make the trip for our little daughter more enjoyable. However… With Condor I have unfortunately already had some bad experiences, and again this time. Our flight was postponed for a day! We were accommodated at the Maritime Hotel in Frankfurt and only then could depart at 20:00hr the next day.


An Italian, who lives mostly in Singapore, has at Kanuhura an offshore boat and also skiffs. Even though it is rainy season and monsoon wind, I think it will be something. We have great luck with the weather. It rains only three times for half an hour. // Mario is unfortunately not on the island, but his Maldivian representatives Adam and Mohammed do a very good job.

I have my salt water equipment in line weights 8 to 12. Beforehand, I bound a box of bonefish flies and also 30 – 40 pieces for the larger predators in the Reef.

For the first time, I have a Ripple fisher Ultimo 82 spin rod as well as the Stella 18000 and SW with PE 6 line and some Popper and Stick baits of 100 – 150 grams. I definitely want to catch GTs.


Fly fishing on Kanuhura itself is not allowed. You must charter a Skiff, which costs $150 per hour.

Unfortunately it is not allowed on a few deserted sandbanks next to Kanuhura, because there are people out there having picnics. They have complained a few times that they find the fishing disturbing. // Very, very unfortunate, because they would be very good fishing spots for bonefish.

I have tried three times to catch bonefish but only caught one. On this hard-fought fish, I am especially proud. The fishing pressure is considerable, because the few bonefish places have been constantly fished from the fishing guests of Kanahuras and neighbouring islands. In addition, they are only very small.


Popper fishing outside on the reef and on its drop off is really great. I am out there three to four hours every day. // Each bite is hard won, but every day on average, I catch at least one GT between 5 and 20 kilos. I also lose some on the reef, or I must cut off the line there.

GTs are really extremely aggressive predators and attack the bait relentlessly and hard. They are extremely strong in the play, and you have to take them as hard as you can: with the rod upon bending and breaking! When you give too much line, the consequence is that the line will be tangled in a coral colony. // The weather is always beautiful, although it is sometimes a little wavy outside, but otherwise I really enjoyed fishing with the Popper.