During the three days of fishing at Jurassic Lake, we had incredible luck. Now, however, we are happy about the searun fishing at the Rio Grande.

In Ushuaia, one piece of Helmut’s baggage is missing, that weighs heavily on the mood. Half an hour later it shows up, the world is back in order. A familiar face, Genaro, picks us up at the airport in Ushuaia and brings us to Rio Grande.

At the Estancia M. Behety Genaro shows us the shearing of sheep. It is just the time of the sheep shearing, very impressive pictures for us.


You can issue the Lodge Estancia Maria Behety only the best report. The lodging, food and the staff are simply first class. You feel extremely comfortable there, every guests’ wish is fulfilled. You cannot run a lodge better. We are a fun group and get on very well together. Except for me and Helmut the majority are Americans, Englishmen and Scots.


The water level is similar to last year, rather on the low side. Therefore fishing with rather small nymphs was happening: mainly Aurelia Prince, EMB, beauty Camilla in rather smaller size in the colour chartreuse and orange. However, I also had a lot of success with my small Atlantic salmon stainless steel tubes what really pleased me.

The previous weeks were not very successful, because of heavy rainfall, the guides tell us, but during the last days it becomes increasingly better, and the river clears up again. Thus we are confident to have got a good week.


We put in a good start! Especially for Helmut who fishes the Rio Grande for the first time: After a few throws he has a 22-pound male on the hook and also lands this super fish. Later it turned out that this will be his heaviest fish of the week. A real trophy fish!

I catch on the first morning in the pool Antonias (former Andrew) five pieces, all between 13 and 16.5 pounds, and lose a further three. Helmut catches two: he loses a 22-pound male and a 15-pound female, he loses two more. A wonderful morning! Our colleagues in the lodge barely catch anything, we have the right pool. In the afternoon we are on Beat 6 and 7 where I catch another two and Helmut catches another small searun. In addition, Helmut loses another promising fish. Therefore a super start day!


In the morning, we fish with guide Genaro at spot 30 Moneta, one of my favourite places in the last few years. However: This time it is difficult. I catch 2 smaller searuns, Helmut has nothing on the hook unfortunately. So in comparison to previous years it is more disappointing. In the evening we go to spot 15 right at the lodge. There I have four fish, three of them in the last 15 minutes.


In the morning we go to spot 24 Julia. I catch two beautiful searuns and lose three more. Helmut loses also a fish. For Julia it was good, because Julia was not good this year in January. In the evening everyone is catching a searun at spot 16.


In the morning we are at spot 27 and 28 together with guide Pocket. Only one place is good, because the place is quite limited with low water level. We fish approximately 150 metres of pool in rotation. Helmut loses a super fish, I catch two pieces, one with 17 pounds. In the evening we go to spot 31, then I there catch four fish up to 15 pounds.


Today, it is announced that Federico Molinolo is the head guide. I usually always have my great moments with Federico. In the morning we fish Arturo. It can be a real top place, you also see many fish. Helmut catches three, I one and lose two. In the evening I catch five fish and Helmut three. Again a super day!


We go with Novel to spot 13 and 14 near the lodge. I don't particularly like these pools under the lodge. The river there is narrow and flows more slowly. I have no good memory of these pools of recent years. At pool Veinte, I have fish after fish and catch six searuns. Helmut then got something better at pool Augustin. There he caught two fish, one with 16 pounds.

I lose a real super fish at Innesita: My line is snagged on the bottom! That has never happened to me at the Rio Grande.

In the afternoon at spot 16 Pool Pozon del Medio (Middle Pool), I catch at the end still five searuns and Helmut two.

The fishing is excellent this year, we're both very happy. For me it is seen by the number of fish – 37 searuns – the best year on the Rio Grande.