Seychelles: Cosmoledo, February 2021

On Tour: Gerhard Hörl, Kay Jones, Peter Jones, Stephan Kreupl, Rene Noth, Alan Rosen, Günter Wimmer, Helmut Zaderer

Flyfishing on Cosmoledo – a recurring highlight in my travel programme was finally possible again. The preparations were rather complicated. Thus, it was an even bigger joy that a few brave flyfishers made it to the island with me.

The weather was a challenge. The first day was nice, but then we felt some impact from a cyclone. Three days of rain, strong winds and poor visibility – not very good fishing weather.

Towards the end, the weather became nice again and everyone was able to catch their fish. After a week at Cosmoledo, we spent two days at Alphonse.

There we had a really nice time with lots of bonefish and a nice bluewater day when I caught a sailfish.


Cosmoledo - the island

Fishing & Nature

Bad weather

Beach Barbecue

Two days in Alphonse at the end